Thursday, August 5, 2010


RAWW!!!!!! THE BATTLE BEGINS!!! and it ended rather sadly...
Me and the Japanese Soldier, San Dee...XD XD XD

Okay Okay, we got consolation prize and got the BEST SCRIPT...But NO! we are sooo not satisfied with the result..but in order to make peace with the other schools...and fight for some school's right..i do not want to offend any school in the winning i apologize

Me with Yan..who can't differenciate between me and Annick..she calls me Annick while she calls Annick as confusing...-.-'
Waiting for our turn to go in ...Behind us is our supposing cupboard..


Mei Mei and Fatimah sitting under the Banyan tree...
Mei Mei getting frusrated while Fatimah is consoling her...
*God, the microphone battery drops*

After the musical performance, Mei Mei came home feeling delighted that Mak Cik gave her a violin..
Mei Mei's mother, Su Ling found out about the thing..she was mad and VERY MAD
Annick cried on stage..=.=''
Got scolded from my 'mother' can you be soooooo inconsiderate???

The Japanese soldiers came in..AAH..demanding me to play one song..

I made one stupid mistake..they can't hear my violin because i wasn't standing under the microphone..
End of story...

WE went back school by stopping by at KFC and bound at Keat Hwa students there..
so this is how our Drama competiiton ends..


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