Thursday, August 12, 2010


Be patient...Ann...
Nobody asked you to wear shoes in the house...=.=''

I must be patient..i must be patient..Like Jia Wen always say, "human must be patient"..

cannot get to use facebook~ Be patient..
cannot stand people showing off ~ patient (normally i would just show off back to them *GLEE*)
cannot stand the jerk and maggie mee: Be patient
cannot get to go out with friends: Be patient
cannot get to use phone: Be patient
cannot get to have a recording demo: Be patient
cannot get a real band: Be patient
cannot stand living in silence looking at J3: be patient

Okay okay, i must NOT sulk if my mum didn't allow me to go on facebook..i've already ask for her yeah..i should think of the positive side instead...I may not be able to enjoy a teenage's life..but i get to dressed myself up...
like i'm allow to wear shorts and skirts..
i'm allow to do my hair
not enough??

I just realize...i didn't realize..
Double faces?
really, there's no one whom we can really trust these days...even if she treat you better then your best friends, just don't know who she is behind your back..when you get the news about her tail..
(here here, your teddy just loose it's head)
I can't stand people with two faces...They need a mirror to walk for god's sake! so as a warning to everybody out there who is as naive as me..(ahem..i didn't say i was that naive) please keep a mirror beside for safe keeping..
that person would backstab you any moment..

Hah..forgot to write something interesting here..which happen last week..
As usual, everybody had to go to another class for chinese exam
the minute i stepped into it..
the form five's banana (chinese who didn't know chinese) exclaimed..
Mdm chua looked down sternly at me thinking that i may have entered the wrong class
Mdm Chua: You take chinese?
Ann: yeah ( be thankful i didn't take tamil)
and just this afternoon, my math teacher went around and read the class result paper..
Ms Beh: You take chinese meh?
Ann: Yalarh..
Annick: She doesn't seem like she knows chinese right?
Ms Beh: know how to speak bo?
Ann: (i sooo many times at class speak chinese you didn't hear kah?)
Annick: That's why she speak very weird de..


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