Thursday, August 12, 2010


Pray for a wishing star?
Finally get myself to wear an ORANGE wasn't pure orange no big deal

My violin teacher asked me one day if i would like to got KLpac (KL performing art centre) and join the KL team..two days for RM300++ this must be insane..My friend is having a trip and she only needs RM 297 for six days five nights...I cried so much because my parents didn't want me to gooooo..I'm going to perform..not going to a TRIP ..for goodness my sis helped make a deal, i need to write three malay essay per week in order to go..
HUH! it's all up to fate..THE TRIP TO KLPAC got the tears i spilled..

Recently (or maybe quite a long time ago) i had put on some serious weight..Like on earth can someone put on 3 pounds with one go? Blame the food! Blame the cheese ball (i called it ball ball) at school! Blame for the never ending foods at home! Really, i can't imagine why i couldn't stop eating..At school, i brought like two tupperwares of food and ball ball to eat..I still FEEL HUNGRY...( no, i wasn't hungry for clothes this stomach is empty) I had to write 'STOP EATING' on my hand at school to keep me for begging for food ..but there'll be no control at home...
Ann: Mama?
Mama: Har?
Ann: I'm hungry larh...
Mummy went to the kitchen to cook something...
(After ten minutes)
Ann: I'm still hungry larh
Mummy went out to buy bread for me..
(Two hours later)
Ann: Got food?
Mama: yeah, i just bake cake for you..
Ann: Oh great...
Ann went on eating and eating and eating..
Annick:What kind of hair next time?
Ann: Pixie cut
seriously, i think pixie cut paired with glam rock is like AWESOME female Michael Jackson..
There was one time i went in MNG (there was a huge sale there) and a girl came in with pixie cut, wearing high boots over black skinnies and a grey cuffed long then onwards i make up my mind to get a pixie cut before i die..
Mata sepet..

The chess mania starts again..I'm addicted to chess!! seriously, i'm going to quite ping pong club and join the chess club instead (despite that the club T-shirt is red) Bring it on baby, i love love love CHESS...only English chess, i am completely hopeless in chinese chess..

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