Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who the heck?


Here are all the things normal friends won't know about me *GLEE*
  • My whole family bake frozen foods....i still don't get it why you had to fry it to eat it..imagine all the oil spurting out each time you take a bite..YIKES..and i kept thinking is normal to bake frozen foods, but it's not...
  • I only eat eggs...for normal meals..yeah, throw me any eatable eggs and i gobble it without realizing that i have gobble you down mistake
  • I do not like the colour orange, because i don't look good wearing orange and i hate to eat papaya...there, now you know the reason why orange hurts my eye
  • i have an obvious mole on my right =.=''
i've been walking the lonely road of boulevard streets...MY FOOT..that's only my house..
My family is VERY food-healthy.
.I've been eating wholemeal bread since i was born, brown rice had been intruduced to my family since i was 12, egg yolks are considered as poison, candy is a no-no (chocolates are legal btw..), pickles and persevative foods will cause cancer after you take one bite, fried rice, noodles are full with veggies till you can't even see there's rice or noodles in it, homemade cakes, bread and pau are either wholemeal, eggless, less sugar...
There, now you can see why i turn out to be sugar's biggest fan...

And the list goes on
  • My house don't close our gate..Yes! only at night, when we're sure nobody is going out after that..WE leave it open from morning till night without closing the gate..and there is yet to have any robbery thingy going on...Who don't close their gates at home? EVERYBODY closes their gates at home...
  • I used to be sooooo utterly obsessed over HARRY POTTER when i was 11-14 years old..i bought up every HARRY POTTER stuff that i saw and i make a list over the price..gosh...i can buy an iphone with that money..i've watched the movie soooo many times, read the novels till it doesn't looked like a book (it looks more like someone had puke all over it)..bought all the games, list down all the characters in HP (you don't want to know how many characters, is uncountable) and oh yeah....i've even wore HARRY POTTER clothes to tuition when i was 11..can you believe how childish i was back then???? ARGH!!!
One of my collections that i've still have..The dice, the HP characters, the invisibility cloak, and the MAZE boardgame that costs me a lot..i REGRETTED it thinking back..i could have easily bought thousands of clothes with that load...ha! and do you know? i used to have DANIEL RADCLIFFE's half naked poster sticking on my school's's that for a boyfriend?
And i collect magnetic cards...from Hotel cards, unused credit cards, membership cards and so on ..Guess how many are there in this pile of mine?
Number: 174
and yeah, please keep a secret about the Genting hotel cards..normally, after we check out, my dad would just hand in one card and hand in the extra one to me that a crime?

I used to dance...for four years...hah..and my dance teacher is Lini's mother who is a great belly here's what left for my dance memory...i don't think i can dance again, body had turn very stiff and exercise kills me..yeah, when i am diagnosed with fatigue sickness? hah...don't expect me to show off my dance move, i'm sure you'll had to wash your eyes out after watching..

Got nine nail polish (took it from sis as a hand-me-down) and never used it..completely wasting because ANN doesn't have fingernails...
EEW..don't get the wrong idea..

And yeah, i have to admit that i am very dumb, naive and don't know anything..throw me a crocodile and i say hi to it...throw me your shoe and i think it's a telephone..but throw me a guitar, i'll play you a's a promise..
thank you Annick for your wonderful Poem..
though i still need a translator..
She's the pretty girl with rock star dreams
Her young heart yearns for no means
She's the pretty girl with flightless wings
Her wild eyes craves for beautiful things
She's the pretty girl with braces smiles
Her tight pursed lips once filled with cries

and this is how i define BOREDOM
BOREDOM is when you read the instruction manual to a remote control
BOREDOM is when you kept pressing the refresh page, just to see if it works
BOREDOM is when you type your names in GOOGLE just to know if you exist or not
BOREDOM is when you start opening the fridge door and popping your head inside just to make sure the temperature remain constant..

and if you're boredom is as bad as mine
tell me about it

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