Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mini Me

When i was just a little girl...
I, myself can't believe i looked like that when i was around 3 or 4 years old..Gosh, time flies sooo fast..Anyway..when i was young, i do not remember anything except playing with my toy and got sooo obsessed with Pokemon that i call all my toys with pokemon names..

Aren't my dad one old fashion rugged man? haha..and my sister look sooo lost..
All i remember was that i used to have all those Disney tapes at home and before i went for Kindergarten i would put in one tape and watch Snow White, Chip and Dale, Mickey Mouse and so on until i'm satisfied..
And yeah, i used to play with my brother a lot..He would talk with me using all the toys i had and i will talk him back..But now..he doesn't talk to me at all..How sad..
Don't i look like a dude?
Okay, so i wasn't that capable of doing anything and always got scolded for being useless and hopeless in everything...I was terrified of even going for piano lesson at Yamaha (that time) i kept shooking my head, refusing to go, crying and sobbing..then i went for the real ABRSM piano lesson next next next to my house..
Trust me, i was horrible in piano when i was younger..I even had to wait for another year to take my Grade One..instead my childhood best friend took it earlier then me..I am a slow learner..though i do no own a shell to be a tortoise..
So this is my childhood friend, Jia Ling..pretty isn't it? and i still looked like a boy over here..
Okay, i used to envy here because she is damn smart and parents adore her talent..unlike me, i wasn't that don't expect me to be a lightbulb eh?
i think this must be when i was 3 years old because my sister looks like she's 9, but wait! how can she be 9 when she's 7 years older then me? again, i looked like a boy..

I always have small Monolid eyes (which people don't look good in..) so, putting on Mummy's spec is the best thing to ENLARGE my eyes..XD
Ann started to grow up..and my bro grows way bigger...people cannot believe their ears when i told them i had a brother..Omg..did i forget about him, totally??
When i was 9 years old..
10 years old
11 years old
12 years old
13 years old
14 years old
15 years old
Recently...face changes..everything changes..
how i wish..


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