Friday, July 9, 2010

Novel dialogue

When it's a blog, it's suppose to write words in it..or at least just stick your photo at the screen..When it's a blog, it's meaningless if people don't read it or at least just sway their eyes over your pictures..soooo please read..XD
I'm going to share how i wrote my novels..I don't know why but i always wrote it in figurative are some of the me, you might even need a translator..

Lea: Where's Jay Yo?
Freddie Jerk: Jay Yo is naked and covered in waters at the moment..
Lea: w-what?
Freddie Jerk: He is in the hydroroom, this phone ain't waterproof, y'know?
(Hydroroom ~ place for you to take your shower...bathroom)

Fred Jerk: Can't even get the courage to say I hearts you?My arms are all cuts and bruises  from your words.
Lea: That's because I'm having problems understanding your metamorphosis..
Fred Jerk: A normal ten year old can understand every word i spray.
Lea: Where did the ten year old come from? your son?

Fred Jerk: My words, have you seen Kimmie?
Lea: No, do i look like alphabets to you? (Fred just said 'MY WORDS")
Fred Jerk: I saw your photo with Jay Yo, you two looks like mushrooms.
Lea: Har? there's no mushrooms!
Fred Jerk: Exactly, mushrooms are cute
Lea: why don't you talk straight to the words. Skip the figurative speech..
Fred Jerk: My words are not figurative. It's an art of talking..

Drunken Kim in the pool: Ooh, it's water! I'm thirsty! I want to drink all of this!
Lea: Look what happen? The next thing i know, she must have walk into an uncovered manhole and fall inside, thinking that somebody had close the light instead!

Kim showing Lea her tattoo
Lea: what's with the angel's wing?
Kim: Symbolize you, silly. Next time you should have a devil's tail or horn. We could have a friendship bond or something.
Lea: I rather have Spongebob Squarepants.

Lea fell hard on Liam's chest and bang her head right on it..
Lea: That's hard. What did you put inside? All your coins saving?

Lea: I can't believe it. She kissed Justin Bieber and this is what she gets. Fame and status
Kim: Next time you could try another way to get famous. You can stalk him, kill him overnight, cut his head and bake it for the world to eat.

Jay Yo: You come for the money, but even for the money, there's always a price
Robbers: what's the price? Your life?
Jay YO: Your identity. I can see behind your sunglasses that you're as timid as some kid in diapers back at kindergarten. But that'll be an offence to them.

Jay Yo: What did i miss for the past two days?
Lea: You miss me getting my head muddled by Freddie Jerk, Kim's infamous stripping dance and our principal eating the school's grass because he was too hungry to wait for lunch.


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