Thursday, July 15, 2010

When it rains...

A big heavy rain at school today and gosh..after that, many people didn't act normally...
Guess what? for the first time this year, i atcually listened to my chemistry teacher at school from the start till the end..and i cannot stop laughing my ass off...i even record how she pronounce her 'GREAT' english...and this is what i learned in0 Chemistry today..

Periodic Table- VEGETABLE
Pulled nearer- Pull-led neaver
Form Coloured- Foam Kolot
Attract- Attack
Followed- Float
Reactivity- Rat-activity
Reacts- "BLEURGH" (Vomit)

And it is very very rude to laugh at your teacher's pronouncation...but i was rolling all over my seats while Jia Wen and Xin Ning were busy playing 'Battleship' behind a whole stack of books ...At the end of the class, i apologize to myself for being toooooo rude to the teacher (when she didn't even know i was laughing behind Jia Wen and Xin Ning's tower of books)

Public Speaking Inter-Class didn't went soooo well during my Impromptu..What is happiness? Happiness is where i can smile, laugh...what would the world be without happiness? it'll be full of people like TERMINATORS ..(people laugh) and then *BLANK* if only i could throw Arnold Schwarzenager (Don't know how to spell) in it and make him look like Sylvester Cat instead..

so here's a photo of MINI-ME...
and i have no idea the world is upside down...
my brain is upside down..
so when it rains again..
god knows what would happen...


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