Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brief Modddeelliinng

I didn't know what put me to snap this kind of photos...apparently, i am not tall enough..But i am utterly obsessed with clothes and it is really nice to snap pictures of your clothes and see how you really look's different if you just looked yourself in the can study yourself from the pictures...but mirror? erm...better think twice..
Instead of bragging about all these photos...let's talk about what i've been obsessing these days..
Songs: Dynamite-Taio Cruz (Five thumbs up for the awesome beat and rhythm)
Clothes: High waist pants? and a very very high ankle heels..
Magazines: Galaxie and those japanese magazines featuring pretty clothes..
Music genre: With great beats...
Fashion Genre: Earth Tone
Candy: Snickers..XD
Food: Eggs....
                                               My face spoils the whole picture...argh
Each time i heard my friend complaining about their relationships..I just shook my head..They say love is blind and it's really blind..because when you're inside the relationship, it will blind you and only outside people can see the problem..I can see the problem, but i did not dare tell my dear friend in case she turn out like me, flooding the whole school with water..just three months ago, she was telling me how great he was, and i agreed with her that she had chosen the right one..but damn, he turn out to be a cold refridgerator after that..i can analyse it, but i will not say a word..i hope that guy could just knock his head and stop ignoring her...
I still can't stand some people who think they're sooooo great and awesome when they really suck ..dude, it's just a game, why do you have to keep repeating 'idiot idiot' to me each time i'm thinking?? I don't hate that person because she is my friend..but sometimes, attitude can be really annoying
                        That dress is SOOOO ugly...and it's not a dress's a long skirt..i've seen a lot of people wearing heels with white socks..and i am shock to atcually think they wore it out like it's meant for their i tried to wear just like them and i vowed that i would never show myself outside with this kind of weird dressing..never
Try saying 'Alpha Q' quickly three times..
(don't say it loudly infront of your'll shock them)

Chiu Yee asked me to do this 'Vanilla Twilight' cover for her...and i still don't get the melody..
i figure out the chords already but i still can't get the melody..
so, i apologize to her over here..and sorry for abandoning you again this evening when we're suppose to go out cycling again..XD good luck for your badminton tournament 2molo..

Just informing you guys..
Every thursday OR friday..
i will update at least one post...
but if it's a holiday
then i'll be able to update more each day..


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