Thursday, May 13, 2010


Life is hard to live on..when you're happy..the day past extremely when you're just think that somebody had just freezes time...i don't know how to describe myself these for example...i realize i've been really sarcastic whenever i was always meant as a joke..but somehow..sarcasm sounds like a joke to me..after that, i ended up thinking that i had hurt people's feeling with my sarcasm..i though humour was my taste..but when i speak mandarin..i be another person again..the low, timid and 'manja' fragile little thing..(please puke if you read this..)

Then...there were times i do not know what is best for me..I make a promise to all my classmates and friends..i've already make up my mind..even though it's sooo super hard..but then i broke their promise..i have a really soft heart full of liquid blood...even though i may look like a stupid wood outside..when you open my chest and see my will know nothing can compare to it..i tend to be easily melted and influence..and sorry guys, i did not last for hardly one wins everything..
Then i realize that if you had nothing to look forward to in the near or distant will think "what's the point of living in this world full of hatred, pain, cruelty?" we were born to was the only phase we had to past...our journey only end till our heart stop, as i list down all the things i look forward to..there were list was EMPTY..does that mean my death is getting nearer?

i always hug onto something and never never let it kick me, you swear at me..but i will always remain like an imbecile..just waiting for hope..just waiting and waiting ..waiting till the thing just stop on it's own...right stil waiting and waiting..for nothing ..
(I look huge becoz my sister is petite)

..i don't know myself..
i don't know you too..

people's changing?
no..they have a choice..
they can choose if they want to or not..
please baby, change!!!!

don't wanna be a monster 
the outcome will be horrible
you don't want to be covered in green spots do you?


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