Tuesday, May 11, 2010

today, yesterday.

 ignorace is bliss, baby...

Just went trough Drama audition..so when they requested the angry part, i pointed at them and said, 'YOU!YOu! You! what do you want from?"(they started to sing adam lambert's song..) "My body huh? come on, come and and open it! (Thrusting my shirt out..)..so when they want the happy emotion..i was jumping and looking sideways...pointing to some poor windows.."OHMy god!!!! it's lady gaga!!! and she's not wearing anything!!!!" and when they wanted sad.. i started to say that my random boyfriend broke up with me becaue i was too flat...
 let's give myself a big LOLZ!!!

Ransack my sister's clothing and find lots of awesome dresses...couldnt wait for the school holidays to get my stupid hair done..it's looking more and more like a mop head already..though i tend to think that rebonds hair make me feel childish..can't wait to chop it off and do some pure curls instead..

By the way,big family prob? i think so..how i wish my sis would just drive me out of town and get some life out there..shop shop and eat and just enjoy..i cant wait to grow up..i wonder how am i suppose to live without modern technology...like erm...handphones???
can't wait to grow up..
 can somebody get me out of here? the cage?whatever you wanna call that...mum's a control freak..like,...as time goes by..i will changed for god's sake!!!!

obsessed over hairs now...i do not wish to see anymore clothes..i'll be studying each type of curls properly before i dump myself into permanent ones..
wish me luck on my broom head..

getting more and more hatred to orange..i strictly hate orange colour...YUCK
so beware if you had anything orange in hand..i'll be as mad as lady gaga..

what am i planning to be when i decided that i'm old enough to be free? Hrm...
WILD??? my mum forbid me to bring the guitar out to the playground at my housing estate to play..she says that people would think i'm WILD...i was like..?? har? a guitar is not a cigarette...A guitar doesn't shoot somebody out of a sudden...and a guitar doesnt potray that i'm a rotten kid at school..i'm not playing truant or something..i wasn't singing lady gaga's obscene song...i was just ...hAIZ!!!!...

so whatever..
i wish...
i wish...
i wish..
i can fly ...




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  1. today, yesterday,
    putting so much effort to ignore.


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