Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mood aftermath..BABA VAnga

I am finally getting over..
THE earthquake had long gone..
and i am a FREE person..
getting over you soon..

Don't know what really happen these days...but as i know, i am not going in that stupid lane anymore ..Ever again!..let bygones be everyone that had pass trough what i have pass trough, i am sure they would not want to end up like me..i am trying to be straight here...
feelings are soooo confusing..exspecially at my age...maybe i'm lonely ..but being in this class where there's only five other chinese to talk to, everybody is like a family members to me..we look after each other all the time..just last year, i wouldnt have thought of ending up as close clasmates with them..

sorry to my sister.. i told her i was a good girl, but i tend to have feelings towards people i ought not to like..but she can heaved a sigh of relief..i am trying to be straight..yes..and i finally think there's only one guy that outshine the rest...Thank you to that guy..thank you sooo finally get me to the normal track..

the weather is freakin HOT!!!!! people who wear long sleeves out are really FREAKO...even if i wear a singlet, tie my hair, pin my fringe and wear shorts...i could feel sweat trickling down..
what happen??? have any of you guys hear before this old woman called BABAVANGA?
she is awesome in are ANIDIOT if you do not follow her predicition..sadly though..she died during 1969..and her prediction for the recent valcono erupt was the start of the ending of EUROPe

this year NOVEMBER 2010, world war 3 will start...who started it first? you wouldnt have guess it ! it's the MUSLIM..they are going to have a war againts EUROPE..and by the time EUROPE reaches 2012, practically the whole country will be wipe out by nuclear weapons or radioactive effects...and oh yeah, by the year 2014, most people will developed skin cancer..or skin , if you wanna believe it or not..we shall wait till November to see if MUSLIM do cause any chaos to the Europe continent..if it happens..lets follow evry prediction that she had predict..can you imagine she predicted till the year 5069? that is where the earth really comes into an end..

i read the article..with my sister..both of us are like freakin out...HELLO? the world is not going to end though, but we, humans, suffer a terrible life...please go to this website..
NOTE:NOT for the faint heart!!!

my sister's experiment..she put green and gold eyeshadow and ORANGE lipsticks on me..YIKES

so long...the world doesnt eat me..

i am going to smile no matter what...
*acount sucks...physics sucks...*



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