Thursday, May 6, 2010


my sister came back frm England..lolz..she still looks short...*OOPZ*
and she bought me lots and lots of stuff..
she gave me a set of facial wash...
bought me a checkered high waist skirt (still in the post)
bought me a school bag...(still in the post)
then back in KL, she gave me one whole bag of clothes..i was like..
thank you, you just feed me..

on my way home, from fetching my sis back..

i found out two very comfortable spots to chill out
one is under my class table..
i don't really care what the floor would do to my pinafore after i sit on it..
but wow, it's really nice under there with my chair as my table..and nobody would bother, when you wanna find me, please go over to my table and look down before making any conclusion

next, is my house porch..
i would bring my guitar out with it and sit at the wall there ..
the air, the colour of the surroundings..
just hope the neighbors won't complain much about the noise i made..
no wonder it always rain..

*just went out with my sis to shop..bought one dress..lolz..can't resist because i was left toooo hungry for so long..
do you know if you left me tooo hungry without shopping for so long, i can even shop in a sundry shop? seriously, if there is one serious stage, you will see me taking a crate of eggs out from the sundry shop..i can take my time looking at junk food, reading their labels, counting the expiry date..
this is what happen when you left me starving out..
i need to shop..*

new sneakers to KL..haha..

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