Sunday, May 30, 2010

bedtime stories

So here i am, getting ready to bed while my sister is busy online-ing..lolz, that's why i had to sleep with the lights on..
i wish i could dream all day no matter how bad the dream is or how sweet the dream taste like..
i love dreaming in my sleep..because this makes life more interesting, right??
so, in the end..i didnt dream about anything...
Believe me, that bear i'm holding had lost one eye, his nose, no mouth and behind his back is a very very big deep cut..poor him, i left that bear unattended for quite a long time..
SLEEPING dress...lolz..what is sooo nice bout it anyway..=.=''just throw on some T-shirt and a pair of'll be sleeping for no one to see..
Ann is in love...
hearts hearts hearts....


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