Thursday, July 9, 2015

FRIM-Sekinchan-KL trip (part one)

Our trip started on the 27th-30th July , it was the 2nd time i went on vacation with Dan, this time with his coursemates :D
Seeing that they are all environmentalist, our trip is surrounded with nature which is something extraordinary from what i normally will go. It was an experience worth gaining!

credits to Meithung for this pic (always like the minimalist touch on her instagram feed XP )

Me and Dan took the flight from Alor Star to KLIA in the early wee morning
Wore this comfy outfit there, my lazy pants is actually my mum's ! Haha 

and then we waited for the IRRESPONSIBLE van driver to reach KLIA2
i wish i can disclosed this company name out, their service damn bullshit~
we told him to meet us at 10am and you know how long did we waited there? 1 hr and 30 mins. 
How do you actually do business when you are late for 1 hr and 30mins plus!?
and the best thing is he kept LYING

"2 mins i be there!"
"I'm just around the corner!"
"i U-Turn i reach ady!"

all those crap, and didn't even apologize when he meet us. 
best thing is he took two times of our deposit , wtf!? we just realized that after we drove off =.=  (We manage to claim back half of the deposit but poor Bok's coursemate didnt get hers until now , grrr )
and after sending the van back at the end of the day

that STUPID guy acted like the van has scratches and all that (i already expect he would do that, but then my fault, i didnt video tape or shoot all the van's corner at the beginning to avoid all this stupid accusation he would throw to us later)
i rolled my eyes ~
it's a good thing we didn't ask for discounts for his "punctuality" 
15 of us in the van and all of us knew there was no mishaps while driving the van
This guy is clearly trying to find fault at us, but he didn't count with us because obviously if he dare, there will be 13 angry girls bitching back at him

okay enough of all this misery ~ haha if you guys wish to know which company or scare in the future you will meet this company, do ask me personally through private mediums like FB or email . haha



I just realized FRIM was the place my aunt showed me and Dan the other day about a leisure place where people go to exercise or even picnic ! haha
too bad the canopy walk was under maintenance that day 
we had a really great time on the bikes ~
do watch out for the hills because cycling can be such a bore on that hahahah
but there was this one long stretch of slope where i practically slide down with the bike like a boss
damn, that feel and taste of freedom when the wind hit my face~ hahaha

Bicycle rental ranges from Rm8-Rm10
Last cycling hour : 7pm 

thanks Ying Juin for the pic :DD

another attraction is the waterfall~ (Dan's favorite)
but because i was taught since small never to go into a waterfall and heard many scary stories like you may get disease from Rats' urine through the water that seep into your wounds or cuts of your body (urgh~)
so i didn't do much there, obviously i wish i can adjust my mindset abit but  i just managed to touch the water with my bare hands~ haha
everyone was dipping their feets into the water and playing around :D

We proceed to Sekinchan in another 1 hr 30 mins journey there
total hour spent from KLIA to KL Sentral to Kepong and to Sekinchan was around 4 hrs
wooo our butts~


We may not make the right choice for the transport but we did the RIGHT choice for the homestay!
plus it's really very near to Sekinchan town area (it's already IN the town area =.= lol)

Following pictures does not own by me but

The outside of our homestay, look small but cosy :D
our 15 seater van can even fit inside! haha

the living room :D the sofa can incline forming a bed for two people to sleep :D

The girls are like snatching to sleep in this room! haha it's so cosy!! seriously very cosy and the dim light at night is more romantic than some candlelight dinner at some exp restaurants. 

the cosy kitchen :D
it does feel like home here ;)

the toilet,
there are two toilets in this house, i admit it is abit small 

the master bedroom 
five of us sleep in here haha

The dining area~

third bedroom , not many people can fit into this :3 i think max only 4 people

Outside (:

This is IVY Homestay 
and the uncle was VERRRRY PUNCTUAL to meet us to give us the key~



We went to this Paddy Gallery . At first i thought it will be another paddy musuem just like in Alor Star, but this was not! haha they even make us sit through a talk on how the paddy is harvested every year. 
Plus it's also commercialized, as soon as the talk is over people just rush down and go buy their own manufactured rice and some other rice products like soap and crackers. 
but they do have some little exhibition before you actually head over to spent your money 

Cute !! snapseed makes wonder! i like this pic very much hehe

credits to Khe Sin for all the pics, 

Entrance Fee for this gallery is rm5 each (they will give you a free mini rice bag)


I wish i had more photos on this but apparently, there's nothing much to see here? haha it's highly commercialized here =.=
taking photos with antique cars required a fee around rm8 
although there is one particular sweet shop that attracted me because they sold childhood sweets that cannot be found outside anymore. 
one of us bought a bubble blower thingy (the gum thingy?) 

Outside was scorching hot! haha and they have hay there too . 

and ahma house had a very nice ootd wall too haha 

This place is just on the way to Paddy Gallery so yes, you might as well just drop by and see what you can do over here although i find it quite similar to the place back at my grandma place around Kaki Bukit, Perlis. 

(part two will be up soon)


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  2. Great photos!

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  4. Lovely, inspiring photos! Looks like you've had fun!

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  5. U should totally disclose the idiot company so that we can blacklist it...

  6. i love the simplicity of your outfit on the whole trip!
    comfy at it is.


  7. Oh so lucky for travels this summer! It sure looks fun and LOOL, I totally understand how we do it- 10+people within one room xD I love your Mom's pants in the first outfit- so fashionable haha! :) Glad you had an enjoyable experience ~ since this is part 1, I'm looking forward to part 2! :P

    Chic Nikkie

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