Monday, May 18, 2015

Me in a loop hole

i always had a picture no matter how nonsensical the body of my post is~

Give me a break 
i just realized it's already the third week of May and i didn't update my blog
where did my passion for blogging go?
i hate it when i see how empty it is, whereas outside the life of my blog i had soooo many interesting things that happen in uni!

just throw the "blogger" into the trash can now orite?
each time i want to write something here
there's always a sub-conscious thoughts telling me with that amount of time i can go do my assignment, study or just go to sleep please~

if sleeping is a type of GOLD, no wonder  i am poor

yea whatever, i have loads of thing due next week(final week of uni and yet everything is due next week)
but i can proudly labeled myself as a holy mother of multitasker =.=
i probably had at least four different items to sprawled on my table and i make sure i do all of them before i go to sleep
another holy mother of fast do-er 

people may look at me thinking that i had ample time of my life
seeing that i don't join any CSD (points) activities because i don't want to just DO things i have no interest in,
and yea , with that kind of mentality i have to start looking for room outside campus because i most probably (with a probability of 99.9%) will NOT get any room to stay inside campus. 

i wish i can update all that is happening in my life , but i guess, all these can wait till July when i finish my final exam. 
it will be a whole load of long interesting things that happen to my 2nd semester in uni. 
probably one of the best thing that ever happen will be 2nd semester compare to the previous one where i probably ain't no giving two hoots on any activities and just confined in my room reading 9gag. 

i need to get a life
and so i go chase one

July 12th
my life begins~
may everything be smooth sailing

to -do list
another phobia list for my coursemates and reminder to me

  1. create a 4 page newspaper 
  2. write a news release based on a god damn fruit : mango =.=
  3. write a storyboard for that mango
  4. create a brochure based on that mango again 
  5. Study for WUS this thursday (alalala, people will just flick their hair and shrug off this one)
  6. study for listening test : japanese 
  7. memorize presentation for japanese
  8. SHE presentation 
  9. SHE magazine @.@ 
  10. Submission of 10-15 pages of music essay (thank god i started this early and had finished it )
  11. next week monday: exam for writing in english media at IK
10 things to do 
8 for my coursemates



  1. Uni life is fun yet hectic at the same time T.T I feel you girl :') #sameproblems

  2. Ann~~ ! You probably posted more often than me.. TT my last post was back in February I believe ;A; ahhh... good luck on your final exams! I already finished mine last month XD so excited and enjoying summer & family already!! I'm dying of curiosity about how your 2nd semester went! High five and a pat on our backs for finishing 1st year (or almost) of university!! ^__^ Have a great day~

    Chic Nikkie

  3. haha well take it positively! that's a way for you to learn multitasking! ;)
    beside when you are out to work, the list goes on! =p

  4. Its been awhile since I visted your blog! Oh how I've missed reading your posts! That dress you have really looks good! You look so sexy! Anyway, I hope you'll be able to read my new post aswell! :)

    OOTDs while I was away:
    Keep on smiling! - Shahara :)

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