Thursday, December 31, 2015

Unboxing Muffin Beauty Box review is the largest beauty review website in Malaysia and will be launched this June. I always find this website genre quite interesting because it helps people to know the product that they want to buy better. Like if i want to buy a nice worthy concealer and didn't know which brand would be nicer, i can just go on and checked out the reviews and all the product range offered. 

I got the beauty box in just 3 working days! I always love receiving beauty boxes because all the surprise you can get when unboxing it. 

 A little "love" note from
Still deciding which to review on :D

 looking through the box. i spot two full size product and the rest are masks, sample sheets, and mini size products. 
 In fact it is quite alot of brand in this one box and i'm pretty excited to try everything. 

 First up is Purevivi cleansing lotion which is good in removing make up, 
i had been searching one of this thing very very long ago, because all i see was "removes eye and lips make up", it's quite hard to search for those cleansing lotions that can remove your entire face. 
i'm going to review on this shortly~

 a handlot of sample sheets and masks (:
consist of : 
1. Albatross Powder Sun
2. Clinelle EE cream (i didn't know of such thing until now haha)
3. Albatross CC cream

 Next is two silkygirl product
1. lip balm 
2. Blusher 
and i got this too! which i find it quite amusing yet impress that can read me well because i can't eat chocolate and they gave me Strawberry instead haha. 
anyway, i don't think this can show any result just by eating two of this bar anyway~ ( is an unbiased review website)

For more review
do stay tune (:



  1. hehe I joined last week
    hope to receive my beauty box soon too :D
    have a wonderful weekend
    keep in touch
    hope you pay a visit to my blog too
    Have a great weekend ahead

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