Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dear Dan

Dear Dan, 

have you ever wondered how our stories can collapse
how we didn't get to build our walls together
how i didn't make up to the promises i once gave

Dear Dan, 
i wish nothing for it to end,
but i changed
people changed
and how hard i tried and fought for it
but feelings tend to overcome

Dear Dan, 
how i thought about us all night
thinking how it is a waste
but thinking back now, it was a blessing
a blessing that you had walked through 3 years with me through thick and thin
a blessing which will be a memory i won't be able to erase

Dear Dan, 
thank you for all these time
the efforts, the time, the money wasted
but i hope you don't feel wasting
because it gave me such valuable memories and lesson
no money can buy

Dear Dan, 
we are back to square one
just a little distance 
because we both love each other once
although it's hard
although it's tough
i'm sure we can make it through step by step
a little by little

Dear Dan, 
growing apart will never be easy
moving on is not even in the dictionary
how hard, how we will struggled

but thank you
thank you for all these time
thank you for making me feel like i had the best boyfriend ever 

it's in the past now
let us heal now



  1. you guys broke up :0 oh my god Im so sorry you guys were so cute together and I loved seeing photos of you two But no worries maybe it was meant to be this way and people part ways. Good luck to both of you :)

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