Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Meng Meng double eye lid narrow tape from Hishop

it's been ages since i got any products to review from hishop, haha, because some are products for consuming which i bet my parent would freak out at this kind of product, 
but when this product is opened for reviews! i really have to try it
seriously, i am a double eyelid sticker fanatic, 
i owned more than 10 double eye lid stickers (varying from brands after brands, mostly from sasa) 
but this is the first time i am using lace double eye lid tape
i like to call it lace instead of mesh , because it's really IS lace
and when Hishop has introduce this wonderful product, 
it's time to get  my godzilla mood on
*again exaggerating*  

it's MengMeng eyelid tape for narrow eyes and normal glue RM58
(they have it in professional glue too but the price is higher: Rm62)*professional glue is not recomended for those with sensitive skin*
in one box you have about 30 pairs of eye tape (enough to "feed" me for one month if i use it daily )

it comes with a pocket which is pretty hygienic~
i have loads of eyelid stickers, but none have a really nice compact case that can keep your eyelid tape clean and free from dust
and that is why my eyes are always swollen after long usage of double eyelid sticker, 
but this is quite impressive at first sight (: 
plus i am always particular in packaging, the glue bottle looks cute and the glue doesn't even look as scary as the one i use to form crease on . (those are like thick white milky looking liquid that u really doubt if this thing is going to go off after you washed it) 

close up of the lace eyelid tape
erm, pretty thick for my small eyes ~
i'm a bit doubtful how i'm going to wear it to make it as natural as possible

they even have a step by step manual for beginners~
i don't have a tweezer ._. but i normally would just use my fingers to peel the eyelid tape off. 
okay, this is new to me, 
the glue contains a small portion of alcohol for quick drying purpose??
so i guess if you're a malay, do take a short notice on this

how the eyelid tape looks against my hand. 
so invincible right?

apply the glue on to mesh eyelid sticker~

the outcome
so bloody natural right? 
okay, i think the first picture scares the crap out of you because i have hyperventilation these few days so i didn't have much sleep nor oxygen. but still ,it doesn't keep me from trying this product. 

i tell you why this is a must-have after i used it
  1. look extremely natural because it is not even visible ! no more people saying " err, Ann, i think you're sticker is dropping." "err, Ann, is that eyelid tape?"
  2. doesn't hurt your eye. this is true, because it's lace and it's not sticker, it's very soft and delicate~ just so right for my overly sensitive eye which will swell after long hours of double eyelid sticker
  3. top notch quality~ i know some lace eyelid tape would wilt like a dying flower if you try peeling it off the wrong way due to lack of skill or being impatient to be careful when handling this delicate thing. but this will never go out of shape no matter how clumsy you are

okay lah, my eyes is still small even with double eye lid tape
but it still add a little sparkles in my eyes
*bling bling*

get the product here! 

get exclusive Rm20 rebate by using this code : MENG14
(minimum purchase rm99, valid till 30 June 2014)

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ps: i'm sorry for not blogging these days, 
i'm suffering from hyperventilation and palpitation
one minute i can do my normal routine, another minute i can just break down and gasp for breath and everything just went cold and scary like it's my last breath 
i've been to the clinic twice, went to the hospital for a thorough check up
nothing shows what is the cause 
the doctor has no medicine for shortness of breath,
so i've been drinking chinese herbs all day
hoping for the best



  1. Hello! Where is this tape from?
    I've never seen it in Japan!!
    Nice post btw!

  2. I am totally lovin' this post. Have an amazing day!

    I AM ALSO ON: Instagram @kennydaily, Bloglovin and Facebook (i follow back, just let me know your links)

    What Kenny Hearts a Lifestyle Blog

  3. Embrace your unique single eyelids, girl! :) So pretty~~ the double eyelid tape really works, hehe! Cute outfit babe! xx

  4. Wow I have never seen these before!
    Gorgeous last picture.

  5. I bought this eyelid tape but it doesnt work on my eyes coz i have a thick eyelid and my eyelids kind of fold inwards,do u have any solution to make this work?


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