Friday, May 9, 2014

Carousell freebies! come join!

It's carousell again!
i can't tell you how much i'm addicted to this app ever since i force my boyfriend to download it on his phone . Every single time i meet him, i'll be on his phone carousell-ing, drooling at other people's clothes and replying buyers~
to be completely honest, carousell helps me in selling MOST of my preloved clothes, not only that it also helps me in selling my BRAND NEW clothes for my NEWLY opened ONLINE SHOP~

so yay~~ 5 cheers for carousell! 
and guess what, carousell is expanding~

Carousell is partnering with SPH magazine!
SPH magazine includes : CLEO, FEMALE, EH! and GLAM magazines 
(i'm a big fan for Cleo and Female magazines, they are like my every month 'must-read' items) 

but ya, you be thinking, errr how can an online app collaborate with magazines?
the partnership will enrich the experience for readers of
Female, EH!, Cleo and Glam magazines. While they catch up with the latest fashion and
beauty happenings, they can now also shop from a huge variety of pre-loved and new
ladies’ apparel, shoes, bags and beauty products sold by members of the Carousell
community at prices as much as 80% off retail price. The listings will be displayed on a
website called SheShops Marketplace and also herworldPLUS (Asia's top women's fashion and beauty magazine)

okay lah, so everytime i read magazines, and saw something nice in the magazine, how i wish i can dig my fingers into the picture and dig out the clothes or beauty products i want
like seriously if there is such invention in the near future, i'll be the first one to buy it ahaha 

 now picture this, 
you are reading herworldPLUS and you saw a very nice piece of kimono
*drooling now because i'm still not over that obsession*
then you wish you can get it ! 
just at the tip of your finger, you click on it, and there you go! you can buy it via carousell 
(err, just so you know, that kimono displayed must be someone selling it from carousell)

now picture this
one of your beauty products appear in herworldPLUS
and many other people is going to view it
and this will increase the chances of people buying your things right?

just so you know, these are all the wonderful magazines from SPH magazines~
so i have good news for my readers!


Simply upload 3 listings to get free 3 months subscription of a digital magazine of your 
choice by BluInc Media! 

Get the awesome free digital subscription in 3 easy steps
1. Download the Carousell app + Sign up for a Carousell account (or Log in) 
2. Upload 3 listings* in the ‘For Her’ or ‘Beauty Products’ category 
3. Wait for your redemption code & instructions on how to redeem your free subscription! 

Excited to clear out your wardrobe yet? Download the free Carousell app now and start 

Carousell is available for download on both iPhone and Android. 

For more details about the giveaway, visit our blog: 

*Listings must be uploaded between 7 May 2014 to 28 May 2014. Redemption code and

i've already listed mine! 
so go on! go download it if you haven't download it yet 
go sell three items if you are already a user!



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