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USM communication studies interview questions

alright , i'm sure those who got an offer from usm to sit for their communication studies interview is dying to know what the questions will be asked . 
truth is, they repeat the same general questions since last two years, so just do some homework

here's the procedure: 
1. we all gathered at the main school of communications
There are name lists there for you to refer which room you are placed in and the time of interview

2. Register with a few nice ladies outside according to your room placement
There will be five lines for five rooms, line up according to what room you are place in. 
*tips* If you are the first to line up, you will be called first . There will be three person in a group, so i was the second person to register, so i was placed in the first group with a two other Chinese. 

3. When everyone has registered, all of us lined up to walk to a big hall to take our written test
hall can accommodate all of us, so don't worry of being suffocating or being trampled if there is a stampede (like as if it will happen *troll face*)
You are asked to answer two essays , one in BM and another in English, 

my BM topic was : Pemimpin yang anda kagumi (the leader you admire the most)
alright i have no one to write about, my dad? i not sure if that is related to the topic, so i just write about our current prime minister even though i do sound a bit exaggerating in it. 

English topic was: A summary of your life
i was bragging about myself literally the whole page. Normally you would just write things that are positive and your strengths and achievements so that they will read about how awesome you are. 
my last sentence i remembered " my life will be complete if i graduate as a communication studies student in USM"

other group topics (those afternoon session ) were: 
sukan yang anda ketahui (sports you know) <-- font=""> why is this so easy than us? 
a memorable day of your life 
after 45 minutes, they collected your paper and you have to wait at the hall while the first group will be called to go to their various rooms. (i call it the panic room)

4. sit outside the room and wait 
The interviewers are inside the room though, i can hear them giggling, laughing making jokes, and i was fidgeting outside not knowing what is inside. 
the fact that each time the room was open, i can feel the cold breeze man, like fridge inside and i wanted to pee badly LOL
and oh yeah,  you don't need to wear nice shoes because they asked us to take off our shoes before entering,

so yeah.. we went into the panic room together , all three of us
so this is what they asked us 
(as far as i can remember..LOL)

Interview lady: (bm) introduce yourself by looking at this paper below starting by the girl on the left. 
  • name
  • where are you from
  • previous school
  • how many family members you have
  • what are your parents working as
Questions in BM
1. why do you choose communication studies in USM? 

2. what is your hobby? 

3. What activities do you participate in school?

4. What do you want to major in? 

5. If you were made president of the communication club , what will you do? 

6. What kind of Media do you use? 

7. Do you read newspaper? which newspaper? which column do you like? why you like it? Do you listen to radio? which radio stations do you listen? why do you like it? Do you watch TV? which tv channel do you watch? Why do you like it? which host do you like? Do you read books? which book do you like? why do you like it? 
like literally just repeat it and play 
it around the three of us , i got the newspaper questions and i was relieved to know one of the writer of Startwo section because she has the same name as me " ANN TAN!" weee it totally save me from these questions )

Questions in English (very limited! so just gear up your BM)
1. if you were give persuasive communications as an advertiser, which media would you choose ?

(i told them social media and the internet, it's such a trend these days, they even have newspapers like theStar online and magazines online too)

2. Which advertisement to you like the most so far in all media you've seen?

(i told them the Digi yellowman "i will follow you" and everyone erupted into laughter thinking of a fat yellow man , i never been so thankful for Digi that time XD)

3. what kind of activities have you participate in school? 

General questions 
1. Population of Malaysia and the whole world
2. Main export in Malaysia
3. Who is the minister of education
4. USM school motto 
5. What is Apex? 
6. What is GST? and what is the purpose? will it benefit us?

outfit for my interview, simple and sluggish looking, ._. but this is the only outfit i can wear that time 
don't bother what to wear, i went there and saw people wearing all sorts of things. 
i even saw one girl wearing denim jeans and checkered blouse and i was like ..wat? is this formal or casual?
skirts are allowed, i actually like  those girls wearing office looking skirt, it was pretty looking . 

all the best for those who haven't taken their interview yet

Best thing is they didn't even want to look at my certs nor even ask about my cgpa, you know when you go to any interview, and you hand in them your result with full A's  and countless certificates i gotten back in high school, you know you have those interviewers paying extra attention on you. 

but no! i was so shattered man, like i may be shadowed by my group members because one couldn/t stop talking about "terror-ship" which is "taylor swift" if you listen it properly and another one who is pretty looking and have a sad story behind. 
but other groups, they are made to show their certificates and everything, so i think other group may differ from other group.
it's a tight competition for this course, quite popular among art students and to think we are competing against diploma students too. 
*fingers crossed *
come what may ~



  1. goodluck all the best girl! keep in touch :)

  2. Good luck, babe!! I know you can get in all the universities you want to get in!! We don't do interviews for our universities, or at least I didn't need to do any! :o let me know where you end up! :P xx

  3. which room you are in the interview at that day? My interviewer also didnt view my cert. Lol.

  4. nice place! :D
    maybe we can follow each other? let me know!

  5. I just met your blog and is so pretty. I invite you to visit my blog and if you want follow me on blogger! Kisses :)

  6. Hey Ann! Tien Hui from HiShop here. Hope you'll get into USM! I was from Comm School there, amesomez :D
    All the best!

    1. thank u!! that's so kind of you! wish i can work as an intern in hishop next time (:

  7. I went for the same interview too! Mine was quite challenging and abit rushed I feel. Was asked about my opinion on the objectivity of online news and newspapers, the upcoming GST and also demonstrations nowadays. If you have facebook mine's Adrienna Chow, hope we can chat about it more!

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