Saturday, May 24, 2014

My sickly yet wonderful week

Mickey sunglasses from Choies 
okay, i got the kimono like two weeks ago, finally i get to quench my thirst for it (sounds like a vampire) , got it from Forever21 after thinking hard because it's one size bigger than i usually wear and i seldom spend on a piece of clothing on that amount (i'm a budget buyer, cuz i'm easily bored with the same clothes)
worth buying and i'm very happy with it

my ootd for a surprise birthday party for my friend
totally in love with the white layered top 
you can get it from my instashop : Fashgrace

all of us! the babes and the dudes! haha
so long never get to see all of them in such big group already ~
well we ended up getting bored at Crossover so we went to music zone to sing. 
then i went to Penang again with Dan because it's his big birthday
i just realized we didnt even have cakes on his birthday! 
gahhh, i got him this shirt he is wearing (everytime buy him shirt , bet he know what to anticipate each time i say i want to give hims something, lol!) and a tumbler with our picture printed on it , and a video compilation of all his friends wishing him happy birthday
quite a lot of gifts eh?

we went to meet his best butt friend Low, 
big butt Low , cuz his butt is very very big. hahahahaha
sorry lah Low chun Yee!
and his skinny girlfriend, Esther 
they were the one who took us everywhere while we just sit behind the driver's seat and rot. 
thank you ya, for the petrol and time XD

i HATE my phone camera! i seriously*include swear words*  loathe it!
don't bother asking about my olympus camera, i'm so lazy at adjusting the color tone to make it un-yellowish, it just ate up all my time, 
penang on 6 waas not what i expected though
besides Dovey Diary, i'm just floating right past all the abandon shoplots

Then we were too bored so we went to gurney Paragon amusement centre , they even have tetris battle station there!!!! omygawwwd but we didn't manage to play it because i wanted to snap photos at the kawaii photobooth which is totally NOT Dan's cup of tea. but i want i wan i waaaaant!
in the end he even decorated a few of the pieces too
how funny!

we went to Sushi Zanmai for our errrr tea? it's close to dinner time already and i cannot imagine us going to Papa rich later for hor fun . 
ya we went to strait quay, the image of strait quay was beautiful and romantic past two years ago, now it's just like a dead place. 
never going there anymore
thank u

and then my sickness strikes again
it wasn't your typical sickness, 
it's like what i call my kichuan attack 
kichuan means "short of breath" in hokkien, yeah, and i was like
a fish out of water when it strikes
sometimes it will strike hard after sitting in my dad's car
literally the whole world spins around me like a marry-go-round
then sometimes it's just a shortness of breath , 
comes and go
but today, i'm feeling fine! it hasn't strike at all !
i went to see the cardio specialist, 
 ECG, blood test and urine test 
everything was fine, so i'm really curious on what is the cause

my infinity dress came and i got excited 
but it's too long for me, going to cut it soon~
you can wear it in many ways, that's why i just got to have it!

then my babes came back from UTAR, Kampar (totally far from here)

we went to Seoul Garden because Jovelle craves for korean food and i crave for kimchi (again, i know, i just can't get enough)

and i am practically stuffing myself food after food
until now
i used to be around 42kg, now i'm close to 45kg
this is a good sign (for my mum, hahaahah she just loves to feed me, pizza everyday, toasted bread, fruit juice, herbal drink, i want it she do it , like a 24 hour diner cafe )

my herbal drink to make me breathe well
especially when i sleep
i kept waking up just to check if there is a cockroach on my hair, below my pillow, on the bed
seriously, i really do not like them to keep appearing at times when i'm quite oblivious at the surrounding
i keep picturing large hairy cockroaches crawling all over me, over my hair, over the pillow i use to dump my whole face in

this is what my whole week has been like
in another five days i'll be flying off to Singapore
for my sister's wedding! !
and mum promised to bring us go USS again , i'm excited to be there because the first time i went, there wasn't any sesame street yet, 
now, Ernie is roaming around freely , i just got to meet him!!!

thanks to my parents for the endless care they give me this whole week
i've been a really sick troublesome girl,
but i'm going off soon this September (to study lah, don't think too far)



  1. Great pics dear!

    New post!

  2. Hey Ann! Get well soon. I only heard about kichuan before but I never really encountered a case before! :( that doesn't sound nice but I hope everything goes well by now. I love your outfits <3 and I love sesame street! I'm with Elmo :3 haha. I went Singapore two weeks ago, just, hahah ^q^ we crossed path (not really eh? just missed the chance to meet out with fellow blogger lol) where do you continue your further study? Decided on it le? Have great weekend! xoxo

  3. Awesome kimono! So worth the splurge!

  4. Glad you're feeling better and love your kimono in the first picture x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter | Drugstore Beauty Haul

  5. to study at spore uni or msia public uni?

  6. So stylish !!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Cute photos! The kimono with the round sunglasses is a really adorable combination. Looks like you had an amazing time!


  8. I hope you feel better soon! I love your kimono :D

    btw I changed my url! 19th-tealeaf -->

  9. Ooh! You finally got a kimono after the post that you wrote about the trend!! Its such a pretty one and it's lucky that it fitted you even though it was a size too big ^_^ You and your boyfriend are really cute, i love the sticker photos haha!!


  10. You look so chic esp sa first photo. Have a great Monday! :)

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  11. omggg. u are so skinny! only 45 :O. anyway, i like ur kimono!

  12. Love the kimono flower and the pink dress :D

  13. Wow you look like you had an amazing week full of fashion, fun, and good company! Love that floral kimino (just got one myself recently), the acid wash circle skirt, and those adorable Ernie's hehe

    xx Debbie

  14. Hi beautiful,
    I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  15. Hey Ann! Your posts never fail to amaze me. You always look as stunning as ever! :* xx


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