Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why everyone should visit Kuala Lumpur by Guest Blogger Marta Valez

Why everyone should visit Kuala Lumpur

      Hello! My name is Marta and I came to Kuala Lumpur from Europe a few months ago. I have to confess I never taught about Malaysia as I place where I would live… or even visit.  Honestly in Europe the information we have about the country is really low and even though I did my research before deciding to come here I never knew exactly what to expect.  Can you believe that when I showed my friends the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, with all the skyscrapers, they couldn’t believe it? I am not saying that everyone has this perception but a lot of people associate Malaysia with this image of an exotic country, a paradise beach with wood houses and not much more.

Well my friends, I have to say that Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia are much more than that (and you bet that one by one I’ll make sure to tell this to everyone that I can).  For me Kuala Lumpur was nothing else than a pleasant surprise: a place where the west meets the east, the big skyscrapers meet the busy and sometimes confusing Asia.

My reasons to say everyone coming to Asia should stop by Kuala Lumpur and local people should (because sometimes they don’t) appreciate more what they have? The food, the people, the weather (although that’s arguable), the landscapes and the rooftops.

I never travelled everywhere but I can imagine that here it is possible to find something from everywhere. Big buildings with amazing rooftop bars, trendy restaurants and the coolest clubs: I have to say I don’t miss Europe Social Life that much; Paradise islands one/two hours and a few bucks away; amazing places to shop, from all the expensive brands to the bargaining in Chinatown; amazing food: a mix of indian, Indonesia, chinese, thai and so forth (the hardest part is to choose) I can only strongly advice everyone to try the NasiLemak in the banana leaf (the most typical from Malay cuisine, composed by rice boiled in coconut milk, peanuts, anchovies, egg and cucumber and it can be accompanied by chicken or fish) and the Naan, that is nothing more than indian bread, but it is on my top 3 favorite things here (and we cannot get it like this n Europe).

Obviously I miss things from back home:  Stupid things like having for seasons, expressos (Italian coffee), good football matches (ahaha); but I have to confess that Malaysia is a place where I could see myself living.

I decided to write about this topic to try to appeal to two different audiences: to foreign people that don’t know much about Malaysia be sure you’ll book the next flight and for locals that don’t appreciate Malaysia and KL and they should: do it. Malaysia has a lot to growth and develop, it is truth! But it’s really worthy as it is now as well!


  1. aw a guest blogging post :D That's so cool >u<
    I live in europe too and I haven't heard much about Kuala Lumpur too but now, I really wanna go there someday. I love asia haha xD
    The skyscrapers and the fruits in the photos above look so yummy *-* I wish you could have shared more photos of the city :3


  2. I love KL, one of my favorite cities to visit. Amazing pics hun

  3. wow, those photo was astonishing ~ XD

  4. I am grateful for the last comment you left me...hope your week's going great! The brand is actually from the Uk.

  5. Hey. I found your blog by chance. Wanna follow each other anyway? Comment on my blog if you have done it! So I can follow you back.

    Stay fab xx



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