Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blogging about my life, finally!

after endless strings of adverts on my blog post, i really need to post something up about my life, or else this blog doesn't seem to be my blog anymore! ): 
hello guys, this is my ootd for sending off my sister back to Singapore. for the first time i get to wear my newly bought shoes with this cute little bow socks. 
Sweater: Mango
Top inside: Cotton On
Skirt: Chicnova
Shoes: from a shoe shop in Hatyai
Socks: from there too! lol
bag: beauty bag from Sephora

wee, i'm levitating. 
actually this was a trick picture. 
i was actually lying on the floor with my feet up high againts the wall. 
so i crop it, rotate it upside down, and it looks like i'm levitating

okay, i've been busy lately with my final exam. Mind you STPM was like A-level (they say it was even harder but every exams had their levels) i didn't poke much on my academics this sem, because i was hook on my stupid smartphone. mind you online-ing was so much fun than reading books (unless it was about hunger games)

 and i've passed my lovely 500th days with my boyfie. Mum finally got the nerve to ask me face to face who he was after 500th days of being with him!
cannot imagine that though. 
i can't wait to go Langkawi with a group of new friends . ( like seriously i do not know 80 percent of them in that group) i get to go because my 2nd cousin and his girlfriend brave themselves to ask my dad if i can go. 
nevertheless, i still haven't break the  eggs that Dan is going too. i hope they know that he's going. LOL! because parents, whenever they heard of you and your boyfriend going off somewhere spending the nights with a group of  hormone wrecking teenagers, they have this kind of thought. 

just like my cousin joked, go 11 people, come back 12 people. (if you know what i mean)

and i am officially now an iphone user!
finally a front camera! damn, i  know i damn slow in picking up the technology phase , but hey, i don't splurge on gadgets, i splurge on clothes! haha, thanks to my sister for giving me her old phone =..=

and i got my lovely OASAP clothes from the credits i earned !
seriously with only 80 credits i get four of these clothes! (i still have leftovers 5 credits after spending of these four items, damn worth it)

and i finally did a full outfit pictures for
damn, i seriously took a long time for that, sorry!

and i finally ended my high school life! yes, international readers out there, this is what malaysian students wear for their high school. 
this is what i wrote for the babes and the dudes~
today is the last day we meet each other 

today officially mark the end of our pre-uni life
no more bullying each other,
no more laughing together or laughing at each other's height
no more illegally play cards in class
no more listening to one another's problem and having those big reaction whenever we hear something indifferent. 
and no more asking the boys to shut up because they keep singing
no more asking the girls to stop talking and shouting or, well, practically screaming
no more complaining about the economy teacher even though we know well this is the one and only lesson we pay close attention to it. 
and last but not least~ no more eating each other food like piranhas regardless of whose saliva is whose
great memories were made, imprinted in, 
we shall go different road later on , but i shall never forget those fun we have together
*babes and the dudes 2012/2013*

and i have fun with this apps! do you rather i be a babe or a dude? haha, i think i look more handsome as a boy than a girl. my friend joke that since when i do look fuller on the bust. LOL!

and i bought this super comfy dress from Padini Authentics. it's quite big and too long for my liking, but i really like the back (very very low back )

till then will update frequently once my STPM finishes! damn, i still have two more paper to go!



  1. Nice stockings! Good luck in your STPM :D

  2. fun! love this post! ;D
    have a great week ahead!~


  3. I miss my Form6 life too! T.T it was the best schooling memories that I had!

  4. finally u are back! its been some times since i blog too! anyway, enjoy ur trip! :D and loveur shoe photo :D

  5. uh I love your new shoes, Ann! They look so cute, I wanted to order similiar shoes on yesstyle but ew no it's too cold for these shoes here T__T LOL at your cousin's joke xD But I feel you, parent's get way too worried about 2 day 1 night stays with your boyfriend haha. oh and I like the red dress but you should have showed a photo of the back if you liked it so much :D! Congratz on your graduation~! :3


  6. Great post. :)
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC? :)

    Let us celebrate Christmas together! :)
    ❤ ☯ ☮ Blogger Christmas 2013 - Join us ☮ ☯ ❤

  7. This is such a cute post!~~ <3 <3
    Love the way you coordinate your clothes leh! and jiayou jiayou for STPM, a bit more to go! :)


  8. I love your airport outfit and you look aching gorgeous in that red dress :)


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