Saturday, November 9, 2013

My first review of Contact Lens from Hishop

I am so happy to be selected again as Hishop Brand Ambassador again! three times in one month, thank you so much!
Today they sent me to review this

Geo CK105
you can check out the product here (link below)
and it cost Rm50 but hey! there's a promotion period going on till 30th November! you can get any Geo Lens for only 10% off!
So this lens is only Rm45 now !

tadaa, the product plus a few coupons and vouchers. they gave me a lens casing too so i do not have to go buy another one outside. i love how Hishop always sent us those lovely box regardless of how small the product is . ((: 

and it's powerless. Lucky my eye sight is not that serious yet
so what here's the product description

  • Diameter :14.2mm, 
  • Water Content: 38%, 
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm,
  •  Replacement Period: 12 months,
  •  Country of Origin: Korea,
  •  Manufacturer: GEO Medical
There's lot of CHEAP contact lens in the market , some as low as Rm10! but hey, it's not reliable and with the price, it will cost more when it damages your eyes badly. Unlike this product, you got an authenticity check at the label there
(Picture above, spot it?)
so here's what you got to do. 

okay, now scratch the thing and you get a whole serial number  to key in here

Click the link above to key in your serial number and 
and then you will get this! it's authentic!

okay, for beginners out there, (just like me per se)
these are all the things you need to open the contact lens bottle

see there's an arrow there on the lid. this is the place where you suppose to take the lid off. 
(don't rotate it, just try to use your fingers to open it upward)

i don't have any long finger nails (still schooling) so i used a scissors to open the lid upwards


it will look like this and please make sure to use the scissors to cut the rest of the metal thing away . (it's very sharp so use a scissors better for safety purpose) 

The inside

Next is the contact lens case. Please make sure you do not mix the cover. left for left eyes, right for right eyes. 
what i learn, do not even swap your contact lens from left eyes to right eyes with the same lens. 

pour in some solution 

use your cotton bud to take the lens out of the bottle 
it may look like this 

but once it touches water, it will automatic be at the solution there. 

Keep it for at least 2 hours inside before used. 

after that, i try my ownself. people uses the palm of our hands to clean the contact lens. i use the back of my hand (saw this on youtube about alternate ways, it's up to you)

i look funny. haha
first i'm still a virgin wearing contact lens. NO KIDDING!
i watched hours of youtube videos on how to wear it easily, ask tons of friends for help . i struggle quite a long time, because i just couldn't get it right. but after days of practice i finally pop the thing inside my eyes yesterday. 
i tried the singapore boy blogger Yutakis ( way of putting in contact lens. 
which is look sideway and place the contact lens on your white eyeballs before shifting your pupils into the contact lens. this was much easier !
*note: famous singaporean blogger, Bong qiu qiu tried her first contact lens this way!*

left (contact lens) Right (my sleepy droopy eyes)

Both wearing contact lens! my eyes seem bigger 
Now you can compare all three
top: naked eyes (didn't even bother sticking any double eye lid tape)
middle: Left eye got contact lens
Bottom: Wearing both!

so after that i put on some make up, wear better clothes and did some selfie. 
my eyes are huge now. 

so here's what i got to say for my first experience with contact lenses
i find this quite comfortable, and natural. it makes my pupil look bigger now and ya, i don't think i ever need my double eye lid sticker anymore to make my eye look less droopy. it's a great experience . 

readers, check out all the wonderful contact lenses Hishop has provided! 
with so many range and colors, i bet you would drool!

Here's the Geo lens series
and if you're interested in Barbie lens, here's the link!

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and here's a good thing for my readers
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  1. Hi dear,

    Nice post! <3
    I reviewed the same contact lens and it really did give more definition to the eyes - plus love the fact that the durability is for a year!

    The anti fake serial number is a little bit off though - but I really enjoyed the way you went through the process step by step :)

    Looking forward to reading more reviews from you ^^

  2. hahaha i also cannot stick my finger into my eye without blinking. =S

  3. Actually U damn cute in contact lenses!!
    Yee!So cute la!!!!!!
    And your eyes look more bigger!(pupil)look bigger!

  4. I like your review!! Very detailed hehe~~

  5. Omg Ann you looks so cute with circle lenses ^u ^ I love how natural but yet enlarging they are! I think you look absolutely adorable and dolly :> Thanks for this review :3
    Btw, I love how you included the extra photos about how to check if they're not fake and how to open the bottle~! C:

  6. Looks good!! I have always bought GEO contact lenses and never really try another brand. I remember my first attempt to put them on (it took me hours and I poked my eye so manyyyy times) and it feels superly great to have great vision without glasses (my vision is bad).
    I don't wear contacts again because it's superrrr mafan (I'm a simple girl next door with glasses ahaha)

  7. Hi! Thank u for ur comment! You look amazing! I started follow you, click yourself as my reader too :)

  8. Ive never tried wearing lenses before, they look really great on you!

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  10. Great review, I'm afraid to wear contact lens.
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  11. they look so cute!

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  12. sapport hishop geh contact lens~ =D

  13. I lovee how natural they look and ur super cute hah!

  14. The effect on your eyes is impressive, they seem bigger and deeper. You did a great and complete review! Kisses! xo

  15. aww your so cute dear. you're very pretty. Great review. I myself really want to try using contact lenses but I'm scared that it might trigger an allergy on my eyes lol would you like to follow each other? =) just let me know =)

  16. Great blog :)
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  17. I hope you have an inspiring week ahead doll!

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  19. You look absolutely gorgeous girl!!
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  21. First time wearing the contact lens? you might addicted to it~ ^^

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    Little Miss Olen.

  23. Hi Ann! :) So glad you loved the contact lenses - it looks awesome on you hehe. I remember when I tried putting on lenses for the first time, it was like war LOL...but you seem like you didn't have any issues at all! :D Thanks again for the review!

  24. Done I subscribed!!! Please subscribe back!
    Stay in touch :) xoxo

  25. Hello, thank you for your comment I'm following your blog!
    The lenses are - you very well.

  26. You really looking very cute by wearing this contact lens .keep it up in updating the valuable information for everybody.Thanks for the awesome information.


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