Thursday, May 19, 2011

Webcam session

I'm  just having fun with my new netbook's webcam which turn out to be pretty awesome to have sooo many damn god features..>.<
Why am i soooo vain nowadays..i want this, i want that..i want those, i want these..everything had to be revolve around ME..i'm selfish, self-conceited and self-engaged..hold on, i'm not selfish..I'm self-absorbed! the mirror must be right infront of me, even the reflection of a pool of water helps a lot..i've been sticking double eye lid sticker because i heard that it will produce permanent double eye lids after a year of wearing..(sounds like braces to me)..
school reunion/prom night is around the ex classmates and school mates will be attending and thankful though, i was asked to be the host of that event..*nails bitting* this is my first formal official job and i'm really shakey about it...there'll be strangers over there who practically think who's that unprofessional monkey is there talking japanese? or was it zimbabwe language?
I hope it turns out well coz i don't wanna be the laughing stock of that night with stuttering sentences and black out moments..*cross fingers*

My dear hair is growing..FINALLY! i can atcually see the difference..since i'm going to form 6 next year, there'll be no chances for me to dye my hair marshmallow brown or buttercup..So i just stick with my perms and continue to destroy my hair....

Do you know what's my FUTURE PLANNING university is? NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE..rank  NO 1 in Asian..rank NO36 in the whole wide world..
Not for people like me who is dumb and stupid..

well at least i can still have a shot if i take up sixth sister is listing down the easiest subject for me to score A so that i can enrol to NUS..ha..



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