Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm finally back to modelling again!

nobody's perfect-Jessie J
 So my piano teacher is soooo insisting...i tot i was going for my usual piano lesson and there she was pulling me asking me to try on her newly bought clothes from Shanghai..=.='' i gonna have free clothes to wear ady...but then after i tried and after how much compliment she splayed on me..she said she's going to sell me the atcual price and she will not earn anything at all..those clothes were suppose to be given to her goddaughter which could not fit in due to her tummy ..arent i suppose to be elligible to have it half price?
and she sold me THREE of those clothes...
what to do...
 Anyway...i got a free netbook from the government..alas..i got myself a gadget on my own..though im only allowed to use it for weekends and holiday..but im satisfied with it..( :
The busy original Ernie had came back to spent four days with us (Note: my sister) here i am looking at her wearing one of my casual tuition clothes as her sleeping dress...ERNY!!! can you atcually see that's a VERY nice SINGLET?!! you're nt suppose to wear it just for the bed to see!!! goodness...
here's another skirt..dude..i have sooo many black skirts and all of them are high waisted..=.='' it belongs to my sister without even being worn..thats because she didn't like the cutting but it looks okay to me..and the button fits perfectly for my blouse.
I saw the tappered pants in Pop Soda didn't looked quite nice as the magazine shows..IT"S HUGE at the tighs..urgh.. sooo happy i finally got a tuition friend for BM ady..NO More LONELINESS!!! thank you Sandy..hope you don't just say it and not come on Wednesday..or i'll be soo sia sui had to book place for you but nobody come..

top and skirts 1 : bought from piano teacher
SKirts (pic 3) : Online store emcee couture
oxford booties: Aldo
Who's that wood? : ME

ps: add math test sucks..i definetly get a B for this

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