Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So stress up

 had anyone heard of Lady Gaga's new single Judas? Its such an offend to christians! no wonder my violin teacher loathe her so much..if only he heard the song, he fainted straight away without no words...

okay...mid year exam..i heard all the A class staying up till 3 o'clock in an attempt to study..I can't believe they can atcually stay on till 3 o'clock..i tried last night and i end up going to bed during 12.15 midnight..i dont wanna have pimples popping out everywhere the next morning..duh!
Ooh la la..
so yeap, i decided that i wanna have a temporary job as a clothing seller in a boutique shop or something after SPM..damn...i can't live without clothes..i figure out the new in-pants are tappered pants, which i earlier did named it as ZARA pants ..Those selling at Zara are around RM149.90..those at Pop Soda only cost about 99.90..dang...

i promise promised i wont abandon this blog even though Facebook looked sooo much nicer than this...


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