Thursday, May 26, 2011

The biggest realization

 What i found out, is beyond recognition..i can't believe my eyes, nor can i believe what he atcually wrote..But i will just turn a blind eye..and still think there's always a probability of a chance..My crushing it worth sticking for months just to get a glimpse of his backside? is it worth focusing on that particular guy even if you know he atcually didn't give a damn about you? is it worth....?
 Hey guys, i'm back with LOADS of photos..its been a mad three weeks with constant visits of the school library with at least two fat books in each arm..MID YEAR EXAM is finally OVER! woo hoo..don't get too happy, that is just the first taste of what we're going to go through for the next three months before trial exam..*nails biting*..i atcually think i'm flunging add math for real..

i wanna do gigs after was my sister's suggestion because obviously, i think my voice will send all the people out of the restaurants..the only place in Alor Star to do gigs is in Rock Cafe and Bali-Bali..which i haven't even step foot into it before..(imagine that)..i once saw this awesome girl singing with a guy playing saxaphone in Station One at Kuantan,...I really freak out and never ever wanna brave myself into performing anymore..
will i ever make it in Alor Star at least?

Puff sleeves blouse-Zara @ oneUtama
High-waist skirt- Online store Emcee Couture
Brown heels- Sister's ..derno where..=.=''
Who's that sheep? ME


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