Thursday, May 26, 2011


Next to you-Chris Brown ft JB
I'm going shopping ..i'm going shopping..
okay, so this is my recent last shopping trip to queensbay..and i wore this macaron pale yellow without knowing that it is 10%, i guess a quarter of my pride had been revealed through that translucent round collar dress..>.< dont laugh at me, i ady die embarrassment..the worst thing is, when i came back home under the dark light in the house, my dad pointed out that he can see what is underneath that cloth..i nearly freak out...this is why i SHOULD check the mirror from head to toe, backside to frontside, before i leave home..

What did i bought? i only bought one long flowy skirt because i saw a senior wore this lovely long skirt with white balerina flats and she looked i bought a maxi skirt that comes with a brown thick waist belt..and thats it..>.<


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