Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fake eye

Waiting for the end- Linkin park (MUST HEAR!!)

They wander what would i look like with double eye here it is...
looks 'NOT ME'...maybe i should impersonate another person...maybe i should have another name..maybe i should lie about my age..maybe i should...
okay, maybe i should just shut up... :x
Side headshot
I'm going to my first trip with friends at Langkawi XD XD...though it's only langkawi..what is there to see i wonder...erm..sand..beaches...trees..and oh yeah...a lot of H2O..thank you thank you mummy for lettin me go ...only drama team members allowed! so there will be Jia Wen, Ning,Annick, Azeerah, Amal, Sandee, Chze Yan and Cikgu Sally...
i can only imagine myself snapping pichaz after pictures of me me photo..i'm sooo self conceited...=.=''
I asked Sandy to bring 'Pirahna' to watch for night movies..but unfortunately, we changed the hotel so there's no DVD player's another 14 days, but we kept talking about it..i think i AM the only one talking..
Ann: what will you wear on the first day?
Ann: Do you think i should bring a handbag?
Ann: What kind of swimsuits are you wearing?
Ann: How much will you bring?
Ann: do you think i should wear a hat that is big enough to put fruits in it?
Ann: How many sunblocks are you taking..?
Ann: What will you eat?
Ann: Don't kick me at night...!
This bear is faceless!!!!
Can't blame me, i have never go to a trip with friends it's normal for me to react like that, right ?? right????? Even though it's a school trip with a teacher, well, it's with my friends! Friends that i can atcually enjoy talking to without bothering how much saliva i splat on them... Friends that i can rely on that they will never put me astray..friends that atcually accept me as their own friend! and it's going to be the last trip i spend with dear Annick..
ha..let's not get to the sad part,...
I must not keep my hopes too high..they say comfirm already, but somehow..suddenly things will happen out of a always happen..If you plan things ahead, nothing can come true..
(after five seconds)
i'm still imagining..
oh mum, thank you so much! i promise promise to be a good good good girl!!!!


ps: amal and me co-wrote a song about lady gaga..
the only line i remember is
'her grey hair looks like my grandma'

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