Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vegetable Crawl


Goodness, the study hibernation ended with mere frusration..I didn't know what i had put myself into by choosing to write 'literature in malay helps to ponder the love of literacy among students' for my malay essay..Nobody in the right mind would have pick that title for an essay...well unless you're as weird as me..i started writing about the principle's of Herodotus which doesn't make sense because he's the father of history..

Chinese? Thank god it still looks like Japanese to me...

So, the only thing memorable that happened last week was my violin teacher lecturing me about satan..i let him hear bad romance from lady gaga, thinking that he will surely got on his feet and dance like Britney Spears..too bad, he didnt...instead, he started saying that he wasn't too open minded for this and started saying that this bad influence song came from hell, whispered by satan into the singer's ear...
FOR GOD"S want me to believe that LAdy GAGA salute the devil and started writing songs about man and love? EXCUSE ME, this song is everywhere!!.not all of them started banging their heads againts each other after listening to that song...
It is such a pity..a man that handsome with a touch of Johnny Depp's famous face could be sooooooooooooo religious inclined till he had never even heard of the oldies called 'My Way..'

Well, so much for a performance..
i decided to go Disney by playing Michael Jackson's song Rockin' Robin..
no harm right?

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