Thursday, October 28, 2010


Not Alone-Linkin Park

Guess what happen today? mum didn't have school today so she received one sickening phone call of a boy crying for help... "help me..." in chinese..she was really panic because my brother's voice sounded like him...the only thing weird is he never speak to us in chinese..but what do you expect my mum to do?
so it was a kidnapped case...A FAUX kidnap case..the 'kidnapper' demanded my mum to bank in Rm50,000 dollars to released my 'brother'..he warned her not to close down the phone or else my 'brother' will be dead..
so my mum tell the man that she had to change..she left the phone on in the bedroom and rush to phone my dad...he just answered the time my mum wanted to rush off to the bank because the stupid con guy kept pestering dad came back just in time and took the phone from her..(The conversation is all in chinese)
Dad: eh, you better say properly ..i just phone my son and he's better say properly, i'm going to report to the police...
*phone disconnected*
Dad told my mum that my aunt always get the same phone call so he was not surprise..better still, the 'kidnapper' said to my aunt:

Con kidnapper: i have your son in my hands don't give me your money, i'll kill him
Aunt: hahahaha, i don't even have a son..

good job eh? we went to report to the police..and yes, everybody did laugh at my mum..
thank god my dear brother is okay..he was atcaully busy to even reply any of us, so he didn't answer his phone..and went my mum relate all the incident to his friend..his friend alerted the whole army base and yes, everybody were called in ....EVERYBODY in the army base were called in, it's like my bro had just step drop one screw from a plane...

so to people out there who are gullible and erm...blonde in colour..
please think twice..
The catch? my bro don't speak mandarin to us..
so ...
don't be fooled..


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