Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bathtub photoshoot with KingP

Roses are red

my first photoshoot in the bath tub (: 
When Alexa told me about the concept i was very exited with it when she show me samples of what she intended to do 
i was very excited
super excited
you know i like something new, and this is really something new
and it's my very own bath tub too haha

thanks Alexa for snapping sooooo many pictures for me, and she even brought 200 red petals as a prop 
and she snaps it beautifully even without sunlight (it was raining) or even backlight and everything (: 
i've done about 4 photoshoots with her already, i really feel comfortable with her and yes, she is VERRRRY pretty herself, Alexa, can you snap yourself too! hahaha

into the water :D

i'm contradicting myself here , it's suppose to red roses and here i am listening to Yellow- Coldplay in my hostel trying to fend off the dusty smell of my room
serious, my room always had that dusty wood smell everyday without fail 
i sweep and sweep
nothing happen
i hope it doesn't affect my brain or something
*picturing some dust mites crawling into my brain making me more stupid each day*

my favorite picture of all :D

These few days, or maybe it can be weeks , Dan had been awfully busy, i don't see him that much anymore. ): i feel empty without his presence. 
mum always told me to go out with my friends , go! don't always stick with him 
ya mum, i also got go out with my friends, i see them from morning till evening , i bet they get tired of seeing my face plus my hostel is the farthest away from all them ):
anyway, i realize i need to do things alone, and independently , so that weekend i drove to Queensbay alone, like a boss walk the mall alone and then ended up in Borders reading books instead 
i'm such a pitiful kitten
 but thank god i get to eat dinner and go grocery shopping with my coursemates that night

and if you don't know one thing about me
my greatest fear is : Loneliness

white (: so snow white effect with the red roses floating around 
big love for this

Final exam is next month, i'm still waddling around like there's nothing big going to happen
i felt relieved actually, because all the assignments are 70% handed up, leaving me with only 2 more and i am FREEEEE
(assignment free, not exam free, may god bless me)

and i can;'t believe i can still write my blog when i'm suppose to create a new layout for a newspaper ._.

hehe , pardon my eyes, 
sepet a bit :D

well, this weekend i'll be joining the Penang Hill marathon (which i would probably crawl instead of running)
and jazz band concert at night (which until now i had yet to buy the ticket even though my roommate is a jazz band member *i no money i waiting for something miracle to happen*)

yeap there goes my day

credits to KingP by Alexa Sheryl for the photos (: 



  1. awwww. they are so pretty! me likey! and all the best to ur penang hill marathon!

  2. I love the forth picture. You should hold the red apple >_< it could be an epic picture then.

  3. Omg..loving the photography!

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  4. great photos dear!!!


  5. These photos are beautiful Ann! You're looking stunning too!!

  6. Oh wow these pictures are so gorgeous.

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  7. Beautiful post!!
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    love & hugs from Melbourne.

  8. awww, those are such beautiful photos!! love 'em!!

  9. Wonderful photos!



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