Sunday, December 21, 2014

University Life : December

i am a BUSY woman, yes a VERY busy and a lazy woman. 
until i kinda abandoned the blog even though i hadswore on behalf of all my soft plushy toys' life that i will NOT let my blog dies just because i have no TIME and no MOOD to update because there's so much time constraint .
want to update blog, might as well take the time to study
want to update blog, might as well update one of your REVIEW post that will be due soon~
but then i ended up updating this because i want myself to REMEMBER
what i have gone through the whole DECEMBER

yeshh, so here goes!
1. Penang Hill Run

i just joined this event just for fun and because they offer 8 CSD points (worth it, but you have to pay rm20) everyone was so excited for it to start, we have to wait for 2 hours before the run starts, and guess what
we started to regret right after we started to walk up the hill
not even reach 200m we are already panting for our lives, no seriously, 
this is UP the hill, and no kidding, it was very steep at many turning points i really felt like gravity is pulling me down and i be rolling over and over like a fat penguin with short limbs. 

the fun part was that i get to walk alongside with some coursemates whom i never get to have a proper conversation with them before that, but during our walk, we gave each other encouragement (i guess its encouragement?) and we were pulling each other with an "imaginary" strings. hahaha
not to mention, lots of panting and sweats
but thank god it didnt rain
it was blazing hot~ not a good way either

i think most of them succeeded in reaching the top, 5.2km on flat road is just a fly compare to this , at one point i think it's about 75 degree steep (just exaggerating lah to make my blog look more dramatic haha)
i gave up at 2.7km , and waited Dan to come acc me walk down (he has already reached the top, he can easily take the train down , but then because of me, he walked for another 5.2km, gosh i really thank him for his effort! really really felt so grateful!)
going down was a pain, i felt my kneecap going "crick-crack""crick-crack"
sign of oldness hahah
but then after that i reward myself with ice cream and nuts
mmm , nothing beats homemade vendor ice cream. 

 selfi with coursemates :D Boon, the selfie-king (he selfie everywhere, i bet he got selfie in the toilet too :P) and Shiyun (a very nice and friendly sweet girl from Melaka :D)

2. Monopoly Competition

i joined this monopoly competition held by the Chess and Bridge club USM
(i initially wanted to join this club, and then thought to try out AISEC, then i fell sick during AISEC assesment, so in the end, both also i didnt get to join
but if it's based on interest, i love Chess and Bridge Club more 
yea, i'm a big fan of board games and i heard they even have IQ games and so on, these just hit me like a jackpot
hoping to join next year if i have the time :D

okay back to the story, 
I loose in this monopoly game T.T 
but it was LOTS of fun, i wish we can play it longer haha

3. Attended my first USM Jazz Band Annual Concert

remember my rant on why i quit Jazz Band?
looks like i bit my tongue when i watched the whole concert
i was on my feet each time they played something so good, i was claw-ing Dan beside me. 
This concert was VERY high-end, 
i was awed by the female drummer actually hahaha
in fact, the first time i attended jazz band meeting, i was inspired to take up drum lesson after seeing how well and cool she play. 
like it's the ONLY instrument i am dying to learn 

our OOTD for the concert :D

4. Attended Meteor Shower Event 

So the event starts from 8pm to 6.30 am (the next day) so practically we can just sleep at the stadium , on either the running tracks or you prefer the grass. 
i chose running tracks because obviously i have lots of fears for insects and i'm prone to insect bites. 
1000 plus people showed up for this event, you can imagine how many people lying on the group
(*run! zombies apocalypse!)

It was SOOOO dark i can hardly recognize any of my friends, if i ever stepped on to someone's head , it will be no surprise, 
but the adrenaline of yours just keep pumping each time you heard a group of people shouting they spot a meteor! and you can't see it
and then for the next 2 hours, i spotted one! just zooming across , 
i thought meteor is something small and it's shoot like a shooting star
i just realized meteors are like Round balls that plays hide and seek with you under the clouds. 
but i was so glad i saw it!
they even caught lots of glimpse of firebolts too (i never get to see those)

i went back around midnight because that duck had class tomorrow morning
Awwh ): 
Let's take a selfie in the dark! :D

5. Groupfie with the coursemates :D

dimsum with them :D
i can't get over their famous yellow pau ! seriously those are to DIE for, i really really hope i can get to eat it again ): 
Dan Dan, when you going to bring me eat ah  ?
gosh i'm so hungry now, grrrr *angry little pig stomps away*
OMyGAAWWWD I wan to go there eat again!!
photo credits to : Adrienna a.k.a our Ah Ma

the biggest group lunch we ever had together so far :D
big love for this (: we should have more get-together (: 

a very very funny group picture 
because we intended to eat at this shop, we walked so far just to realize it's not open hahaha so we were joking "this boss has lost 23 potential customers"

groupfie :D

English Oral group 
i was dumb founded for this test, for once i felt i sucked at it :(
well let bygones by bygones
photo credits to : Wilfred a.k.a our Ah Gong (grandpa)

6. Christmas Party with the wanderers

and just two days ago i went to attend the wanderers' christmas party! :D
me and Danelle singing Last Christmas together, Thanks Focus for asking us to perform :D
the decorations are soooooo pretty! i first went it i felt very romantic actually hahahaha because of the dim lights and there are minions , EVERYWHERE
okay, i didn't know it was minions until they pointed it out that it's a minion
photo credits to : Ken the guitarist :D
(wanderers are an association outside USM that encourages youth to write their own song and be musically inclined at all aspects, that's why i am still "bonded" into this association through my love for music :D)
anyway, i was so sad i couldn't stay up till the end of the party because i have to rushed go back hometown 
but then as i got in the car
Dan got me this

cupcakes T_T Dan had never spent so generously especially for desserts to give me,
he even bought me my favorite EGG POTATO (which i ate it at that spot so no pictures given) 
girls like pretty things even though the cake is hard like sponge but i ate it like a baby 

7.Love of my life( Family and boyfriend)

Whenever i know my family will come down to Penang, i make sure i dig out some free time to go meet them even though i had a test at such wee hour. 
i'm back home for study week and i'm here alone ): 
most of my friends went back hometown and they get to see their family, but i came back home and my father mother and sister are all in Singapore ): 
sometimes i felt really lonely even though i had my aunty here to watched over me haha, 
well sem break will be here soon, SABAR!

and yes i do feel very lonely at my hostel all the time because my hostel is the farthest , so remote, so i get what my friend Suet Yee felt like in her room, that's why she say she rather study in the library, at least is out beyond four walls. 
but whenever i felt lonely, Dan will be there. 
Nobody eat lunch with me? i sent one text to him, he will acc me to eat lunch
nobody acc me go one place, i sent one text, he acc me to go to that place
i really felt i am too dependent on him, 
even if we just met each other for dinner, i came back to hostel and video call each other, just silently study our books virtually is also quite comforting 

and recently i am really very careless
i had left my phone and key behind so many times
left my phone in the hostel
left my phone in the car
left my car keys in the
and then left my phone in the car again (best thing is it's already midnight when i found out)

and Dan without complaint acc me back to take whatever thing i left out. 
i felt so blessed 
i treated him very rude sometimes, 
not only rude, i am also very clingy like if he didn't have time to acc me for meals, i rather don't eat and just ate some biscuits in the hostel alone. the fear of eating alone in public

what kind of fear is that.

that's why i am soooo soo grateful for him
i am a messed
yet he still sticks on by my side T.T

i am sooo glad i have you
Doraemon loves you (: 



  1. you look really cute ann!! ♥ Dont worry about your fear , i sometimes feel like this too! I never go eat out without anyone because i feel like everyone would watch me! You're not alone don't worry!! :)

  2. Cute photos dear!

  3. awwww. so sweet of u and ur bf! and you know xiao wei! haha


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