Saturday, November 1, 2014 's pretty prom dresses

You know ever since i get into university, i've been waiting for some formal event to pop up so that i can dress my best
not just dressing fro the best but to dress in those prom dresses 
and you go to this event looking like a princess with your beau by your side 

gosh, and i'm so glad that finally there's a chance for me to look up at one store that has a complete size range of (from petite to 54W) and you can even custom made the size that fits perfectly on you
yes, all their prom dresses are factory owned 
this means you get the one and only design from this store
now that's special 
so here's a post on my favorite prom dresses in (: 

this is one of my favorite long prom dress from 
i like it simple yet i always dream of wearing those tube-looking kind of prom dresses because it just shows how glamour you look like on top
plus you can wear pretty accessories on top (: 
and the color is pastel looking green , they call it mint green 
which makes you look soft and subtle

and then if you want something bold in color yet keep it simple 
this is one of my favorite long prom dress in (: 
the long frilly effect below just adds the touch of ladylike in it
and yes
i indeed must stress that every prom dress should be in A-line cutting if you want to look elegant. 

and if you want any short prom dresses (because you have killer legs or you just want to have fun) has it all, i especially love this tulle bottom dress , it reminds me of a ballerina's skirt, and the detail of the top part is just simply amazing. 
This prom dress really flaunts the body shape at the waist seeing that it's high waisted (: 

i know all black clothes are really complimenting. 
They never go wrong with anything
so here's a special prom dress from Aviva that comes with a sexy slit to show off your killer legs and a very beautiful embroidery around the hemline so that people would notice you got curves around your waist to your hips is an Hongkong based online shop that is the world's leading online wedding apparel destination.  AvivaDress's goal is to provide complete one-stop shopping for all brides, bridesmaids and all special occasion events

What interest me is that they ships all their products within 48 hours
that's like super efficient judging by how many clients they have around the world and how many readystocks they have to be ready to ship it out to you (: 
and they provide free shipping for orders above 199 pound 

for more pretty prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses or even wedding dresses, 



  1. Pretty dresses!

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  2. Beautiful dresses!

  3. Beautiful dresses!!!)

  4. Woah! so pretty! I've been looking for a ball dress for ages. Will definitely check it out. :P

  5. I simply love this blog of yours! Keeping it up on this level might be a little stressing, to raise the mood, see yourself in dressy white tops for juniors! This is a true body enhancer.


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