Saturday, November 8, 2014

Elxis: A Malaysia Fashion Accessories store

What makes a plain clothing so dull and just boring? lack of accessories? 
lack of some sort of ornaments to just decorate it on your clothes to make you stand out?
yeah, then why not head on to where you can find afordable jewelries that you just keep your hands off them. 

About Elxis:
Having the right accessories and jewelries to complete you is important. ELXIS, in Greek, means attraction. Every women deserves to be pretty, and with the right accessories, we are confident that the beauty will be accentuated. We believe in jewelries, fashion and silver, that can be worn at every occasion, everyday, and that style and trend is set by you. You determine what’s best for yourself.
Too often online shoppers get their products from retail sites, only to receive goods that are not reflective of what is shown. We believe that the customers should get what meets the eye, no more no less. We source our products from Korea, China, Hong Kong and Europe at best efforts basis to ensure that the products we sell to you, the end customers, are with as minimal defects as possible.
We offer to you the best of quality fashion and silver accessories at reasonable prices. Here, we trust that personalized service is crucial for your repeat purchases from us, and we value your feedback from your patronage. At, we emphasize on sincerity of our products and with the least hassle to you. Come join us and grow with us, as we continue to serve you better.
ELXIS, more than meets the eye.

This is one of my favorite of all
Rosy Crystal Heart shape necklace 
price : RM25.90

another favorite, Tinker Bell Necklace at only rm15 (: 

Flore Caerueleo Bangle 
just love how sophisticated it look. 
One of my favorite earrings :D

Elxis is a Malaysia-based online store and it is providing free shipping to those who spent above rm150. 
Plus, they post your item the next business day after payment done! so fast! you don't need to wait for it to arrive at your doorstep for so long :D



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