Friday, October 24, 2014

so am i still a blogger?

Good day people, been ages since i have that urge to blog like i used to
sometimes i got too caught up with my shop and uni that i forgot about my blog
my blog whom has been sticking with me for four years now
and still, i'm not progressing really well 
i'm still stuck as just some random blogger who doesn't join events, or go meet up with other bloggers. 
I wanted to step even further but i'm always so scared to make a move
am i good enough?
am i up to their standard?
i no longer fall into being a beauty or fashion blogger anymore
i hardly blog about fashion
i hardly blog about beauty either

but whatever it is, i will still blog
blog about my life
blog about some extra specks of things that colors my world
you know i never leave this blog

i hope so~


  1. lovely pic!

  2. same goes here, i still wonder whether i'm a blogger or not.. all the best bah~

  3. Just continue to do your thing girl~ Doesn't matter if you blog less fashion or less beauty stuff, You're still a great blogger ^^ I like reading your life updates! And uni life is so hectic, pretty sure everyone understands why you haven't been blogging often :) All the best with everything! <3

  4. Hi there! Great post, I enjoyed reading!! BTW I've nominated you for the "Blogger Recognition Award". Being quite similar to the Liebster Award, I hope you enjoy doing it! Keep the wonderful posts comin'! =)

  5. Doesn't matter what you do, or whether you lack of those blogger-events posts, if you have a blog and you blog, you are a blogger! :) All the best! xx


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