Monday, March 10, 2014

Miss Hana waterproof gel eyeliner courtesy from Natta Cosme

It's another make up post! this time, i'll be sharing with you guys this wonderful product: 
i read a lot of reviews saying that this is one of THE most waterproof and smudgeproof eyeliner EVER~
and i was very excited to get hold of one of these, and oh ! i didn't know they actually gave me two ! 
one is choco brown and another is black

me with my favorites~
sorry for the low quality grainy pictures, because i guess using a DSLR to selfie is really hard and heavy, plus the angle make your face look pancake flat like being squashed by a giant elephant~
so i used my iphone front camera instead ~

Miss Hana waterproof gel eyeliner comes with 4 different colors~

  • 01 night black
  • 02 Galacy Black
  • 03 Choco Brown
  • 04 Golden Brown

the black eyeliner~ i'm ready to use you!
i actually prefer eyeliner with really sharp tip because well, it's easier to draw, but i guess i can put up with this

Tried the waterproof test~

left: splashed water on my hand and nothing smudges, not even a single smudge! *eyes popping out of my socket at the sight of it* 

right: tried to remove it with make up remover, that was first attempt, and i couldn't get it off, so i changed and used an oil base make up remover instead
and it came off! 

So here's my beauty tryout on my eyes ! 
i'm going to put up with two looks! 

Look number one : The nightlife vixen

totally no 'life' on my naked face. 
last time i use to wear double eye lid stickers , but i given it up after it completely turned my left eye into the size of a golf ball (exaggerating), so ya, i'm back to my monolid self again!

drew a basic thin line ~
the gelatinous texture makes it so easy to apply because it has a pen-like feel and it is evenly colored and you don't have to redraw every stroke or 'refill' every gap~

my 'failed' sharp wings at the end of the eye because really, i do not know how to draw with the fat edge of the eyeliner. i still prefer thin tip eyeliner but oh well, maybe i shall draw a different eye line shape to make full use of it~ so don't fret!

using my new cerro qreen make up brush from Natta Cosme too, 
i'm telling you, I LOVE IT! every single brush of it!

to create crease or in some cases, "double eye lid" , i just wear my eyelashes and my eyes had double up the size. the wing at the end of my eyes look pretty okay i guess, ahaha
but guess what, it didn't smudge at all!
NEVER even give an annoying little hint of dark spots or anything

full look, okay this is still not nightlife look, i'm still being myself here, ahaha
the color of the eyeliner stood out like some black ink tattooed itself there~
it does caught attention, and that is the purpose of it right?

my finishing look~

Look number two : The twirling princess 

i basically like to draw this eyeline much more than your mainstream 'wing-eye'~ why? because i think this is much more tone down and simple making people think that you didn't have heavy make up on you
and it elongates your eye and making it droopy like you're an innocent child

for this look, i chosen 'choco brown' for the tone down look~

eyeline shape~ droopy and straight to elongates the end of your eye

trying to be princess-like~
lol , ahaha but i like choco brown more than the black eyeliner because it's quite like a 'barely-there make up' effect~ 
of course, this is still kinda heavy because i'm all dolling up for my photoshoot for my next blog post~

and my finishing look~
one big love for Natta Cosme! ahaha

my thoughts:
has it proven me that it is one of the most powerful waterproof and smudge proof eyeliner? YEAH!
totally, and they even promised to be sweatproof too~
so yeah, if you're interested in getting one yourself scroll down 
(Miss Hana is a Taiwan product)

 Get Rm5 off with the coupon code  MISSHANA" entitle to get RM5 offer when
 purchase any colour of Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner, this coupon
                            expiry date will be on May 15th, 2014

Visit Natta Cosme official website:



  1. The tips is so fat! I still prefer fine tip eyeliner~

  2. Nice review!

  3. so pretty! to be frank, i cant even draw a proper eyeliner till now :/

  4. Waterproof, smudgeproof and eyeliner in the same sentence?! You have got my attention haahaa!
    I've been looking into getting back into using pencil liners again to switch things up so maybe I should give this a try!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. You look amazing!

  6. You have a really amazing blog. Beautiful photos and good text. I see that you put in a lot of passion. I really like the look of your blog.
    Feel free to my blog :)
    Kisses ♥

  7. I love the sound of these products! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, and am definitely up for following each other! I love reading yours now! Have been scrolling through reading everything for the past hour!! More please! BTW you are so pretty!!

    Caitlin xx.

  8. So pretty! Actually I only use eyeliner on like, really special events because I still have a hard time and find it a hassle drawing them on! :\ but this looked great on you! And I like how you made two different looks for both colours of the eyeliner :)

  9. You look gorgeous chick! <3

  10. waaa, the eyeliner looks amazing! I want one too :P


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