Sunday, March 2, 2014

days of boredom

nope! this is not an advertising post! seeing that there are so many great things that happen last month, and i didn't even have the chance to splurt it out here in my blog
so yeah, here goes~
  1. Went to try out a new japanese restaurant with Dan call "Ginza Japanese Restaurant"
we didn't eat much there because we were keeping our stomachs for Tea Garden to play cards and eat their bottomless french fries~
the food was not bad and the price is slightly more expensive than your basic sushi king~
it was our weekly date, so yeah, i want to make the most of it from there. 
I DO NOT like some people who got this mind set saying that i go out almost everyday, NO!
i only date him once a week! is that so hard for you to tolerate ? and seeing that we are staying not far from each other, why do we have to keep ourselves restraint from each other? 
and soon we be shipping off to different places to study, so we are trying to make most of our time together worth it~ 

2. I started to work out 

it all started when i was sleeping like a baby with a pacifier and Dan phone me like ten times before i can hear the phone ringing. 
i can hear his voice from the phone and an echo outside the house. 
he ask me to open the front door, i ran outside with my pillow and saw him surprising me with his sports attire all ready to go jogging. 
i blink
he bought me Kimchi which i had craved for since one whole week ago so i followed him go jogging in our recreation park~
darn, i had those itchy legs called "exercise urticaria" so we didn't run much, just walking and strolling around and i did some streching. 

but then it was great having an exercise partner, you can feel so highly motivated to keep going and keep moving forward and you will have someone who keep pushing you and supports you .
so when our friends called us to go gym the next morning, i have no regrets.~

and that was when someone press the 'start' button and i had been going to the gym 3 times a week now~

my first gym experience~ 
UTC youth centre really provides  a great youth atmosphere though~
they have board games where you can play it for free the first hour, Playstation set for you to play with your friends, computers for you to online , snooker, those football playing machine, their dance studio is so huge and you only rent it for Rm10 one hour (omegawwd so cheap like buying rm1 nasi lemak). they even have darts and even a room for those who wanted to do projects and everything~
and their gym is only Rm1 for students! 
i don't mind going for gym that has a few machines but nobody really go there so we practically own the place~

the third day at gym~ okay, you may think me weird snapping photos in a gym . DUH, but i signed up for this 21days challenge by Dove malaysia on their program called "school of skindulgence" where you have to post 21 days pictures of you either "Eating right" "staying active" and " loving yourself". 
you will stand a chance to win a trip to Krabi! omegawd!
and not only that, you can win weekly prizes too by Dove, like a rm100 Dove hamper and so on~

so yeah, stay with me when i keep posting myself working out and eating some weird looking healthy snacks. ahaha, 

3. I started selling my preloved clothes (Batch Two)

so far so good i guess, but i realize people can be VERY fussy when it comes to postage fee. 
everything was fine until you ask for an extra Rm5 for postage fee. 
Look here, the basic post is Rm6 and i have already subsidized Rm1 for them, not to mention i didn't count any petrol fee and so on, some online shops charge postage fee for about RM8 because either they use a different postage system or they also include their petrol fee and services . 

Well, do have mercy on me, the extra Rm5 is not going inside my pocket! it's for the post man to post your clothes to your doorstep~ being quite a softie in the heart, i subsidy the postage fee if they buy 2 items above~ 

check out my carousell to find out more clothes : annribbon

yesterday was quite busy because for the first time i had to pack six parcels with me to the post office ~ went to JPJ to renew my license and head off to the gym again~

4. Unpublished photo

A few unpublished photos that i didn't get to post in my blog~
you know how much i like to snap pictures~ ahaha

Dinner ootd~ my first try with the Olympus EPL5

Pictures with my babes~ it's like a tradition to have a reunion steamboat at Shey Hwa's house~

and it was all very simple there because everything inside the pan, we ate it up like piranhas

Never really get the chance to post this~
sometimes i get very impatient with him, but we made up everything pretty fast ~
sometimes he gets kinda agitated at my sudden mood swings, but still we made up pretty fast~
but i'm so glad i'll have him with me every time i feel alone. tomorrow will be our 20th month together~ omygawd, time really ticks so fast~

5. Being a Tetris maniac

 okay, i kept playing this game like 
 i wouldn't be bothered eating my lunch, i just keep playing and playing . but it's a good thing they make it energy constraint, that you can only play 5 games  for 10 minutes, or else i'll be stuck in my seat and forget about the world. 
and after that you have to wait for the energy to build . so it's not everytime i get to play this game! i make it like Morning: one session, Afternoon: one session and night: one session~
until i reached rank 101, i get fed up looking at it because you have to win 50 battles to rank up again, i feel cheated after that , so i started to log in to my boyfriend account and play his tetris instead~ ahaha

so anyway, 
how do you spent your weekend by the way?



  1. Ooh looks like you've had a great weekend :))
    I really love your clothes, you don't post overseas by any chance do you??
    Winter is coming up but I think i should start working out too haha, i just don't know how to get motivated~
    Btw that hot pot looks sooo good haha!


  2. Great post! Black dress is amazing!

  3. We're already following you :)
    xoxo, Márcia*

  4. Your boredom days are rather fun!

    Your beach photo is really cute <3

  5. waaaa, i lama didnt play tetris deeee

  6. Beautiful photos!

  7. I've also started going to the gym last month too! It's seriously better working out with other people around because you get motivated somehow, haha! And it's nice that your boyfriend goes jogging with you too :)

    You look soo pretty in that black and white dress, oh my! Looks like you had a great month :)

  8. Wonderful Pictures! You had a great Time!!!

  9. beautiful photos dear !

  10. Cool to see you're into fitness, I am too. Currently working out 2 to 3 times a week, and would love to do more. You have inspired me to try to sell my old clothes!

    Much Love,

  11. I hope you have fun with working out.
    And also, you look fantastic in those OOTD posts

  12. Gym is RM1, UTC is the initiative by the government?

  13. Love your outfit in the first picture :) Would you like to follow each other? x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter


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