Wednesday, March 19, 2014

STPM result

nah, now you have it for those who wants to hear about my result
not being a show off here, but tons and tons of people get results more or less like this for art students, 
turn out that whatever they are worrying before that just become skittles(sweet skittles candy) to them. 
so overall those who score perfect A's in  Malaysia had rose since last year, so in conclusion, does that mean this system is easier to score
or this generation just seem smarter? *wink*

on the other hand i can never forget the sequence of my grades below where my business subject gets a BABA black sheep for it. 
expected it, but i was still cranking my neck hoping for a perfect score
i was close to perfect
but *waves the thing away*
what's importatnt is that what am i going to apply?
i have only one week till my application for all local and singapore uni to close
and i still haven't done anything but to stare at the application form numerous and numerous of times
it's just like how i use to stare at clothes after clothes from my sponsor, trying to choose hard which clothes is best for me~

gah, and for those who wanted me to take LAW just because they think it's such a waste for me to take MASS COM, if that is what you are pushing me, and if that is what you are forcing me
i've a good mind to TAKE IT, 
(and probably fail the subject, ended up 3rd class honor or couldn't get my cert or ended up in any lunatic hospital )
and i shall blame it well on ANYONE who wanted me to take law in the first place if anything goes wrong. 

if this is offending anyone out there, i can only speak out here, because i am quite bottling up my feelings and i have nowhere to write it down or to express it, this is the only way.
it's MY private diary

you see, i am pretty well excited whenever i saw someone in an event, or infront of any camera, or infront of ANYTHING, i want to work in Seventeen, Cleo, Zalora, , Astro, Nuffnang, blah blah blah, 
yeah i know, it doesn't pay as well as being in a law firm which deal with serious clients and all the while you just have  work piles as big as Himalaya mountain~
but it really gets me excited to see any media related job surrounding me on facebook, and how many happy faces when they successfully did their job well~

so to shut any person mouth up, 
and i go back working at media production just like i wanted to


so many grumpy expression, 
but i decided to end it with a happy picture of me and my boyfriend

possibly still wiping people's face off for those who said that being in a relationship will affect your result. 
i'm a living proof, but of course, i do not have perfect score, if you're still pointing that out. 

sorry i'm being grumpy all over this post
came back late at night from an education fair and all i got was not even a happy face, not even a happy exclamation or ANY happy atmosphere, 
i have soooo many good things to say, sooo many interesting things to say
and yet, no, i have to swallow it up
i have no mood to blurt out what happen today

goodnite everyone, i know you all did very well 
for those who didn't
don't worry, god closes one door and opens another one



  1. omggg such good result! all the best in applying uni! :D

  2. Congratulations and good luck in applying university!
    Go for what you want, and proof to everyone you can shine in mass comm industry. :D

    1. thank u Kharn Yee! you's even smarter than me! haha

  3. Glad you have this personal diary to let out your frustrations. Follow your heart and give it you all. Best of luck in what you chose.

    Much Love,

  4. You go girl! Do what you want :D Pursue your dreams~~~ Btw, congratulations on your awesome result ^^

  5. Ann, take control of your own life :) study/pursue things that you will love to do or to work in the future. Dont give a s**t to what people say/force you to pursue okay? You'll do well if you enjoy what you take :) all the best!

  6. Cheer up ann, I still think you scored well! :)

    As for what you're going to take for your degree. My advice is, you should choose something that you're interested and passionate about rather than choosing what other people think is good for you..

    Law pays well, I agree. But it's hard as hell unless you really am passionate about it.

    Whatever you choose in the end. Be it mass com or law. Knowledge is still knowledge. Never a waste.

    Happy complicating your head with what to choose! Hope everything goes well for you.

    It's D by the way. :D

  7. Wow congrats! All the best.

  8. congratulations! thumb up for you =) Sincerely hope you can get what you want, you will be a very shining star =) Gambateh!

  9. congratulations! thumb up for you =) Sincerely hope you can get what you want, you will be a very shining star =) Gambateh!

  10. Do whatever that makes you happy not what people wanted you to be. If you're not happy with what you take, you will not have a good time doing it. But follow your heart babe. Congrats on the amazing results btw! <3


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