Thursday, October 3, 2013

My form six MPU night

Well last Saturday was our Form Six (Pre university level) dinner which was held in school (to our dismay). None of us wanted to waste our Rm20 so we force ourselves to go just to eat whatever is worth of rm20. Why are we dissapointed? well, last year we manage to do it in a hotel, and sadly after changing of the teacher head advisory, he bark at us to do it in school. what was worst that he told the lower six students to wear "korperat" uniforms to the dinner! if this was to happen to us last year, i bet none of us would even show our faces for that night. 
but of course, we have a great time snapping pictures~it's our last year after all

the group of boys~ ( : i sincerely think they dress up looking very smart even though it's only in school. ( :
with the girls~ 

the only picture of our food. (you can see the lower six back there wearing korporat uniforms. seriously, i see no point in asking them to wear that)
in the end, i only ate the chicken chop, which is dry like cardboard and the french fries are not really presentable at all and ate a small box of cheap ice cream. i regretted not taking any fried rice back so that i can save my breakfast for tomorrow.

with the babes~

and no i didn't sing well that night, as usual. i am quite unfamiliar to the touch of this keyboard and ya, many said that the keyboard is louder than my voice though.

with a few of my best mates~ ( :

me with this cutie pie whom everybody likes to make fun of her height. 

Me with Dan. the right picture was taken last year at our MPU night which was held in a hotel. The backdrop was so much nicer. and i here i am to differ the contrast between this year's MPU night and Last year's. 
anyone agreed that last year look nicer?

Me with Chun wei, no, your eyes didn't deceive you, it's really him in different sizes. yup, i agreed that he successfully achieve this wonderful weight in just one year. 

Me with this fat cat, Kuan Cin whom we always make fun of each other fat face ==''. by comparing this with last year, he seem to have grow fatter instead. 

me with Steward, erm, as well all prefer to call him Ong Ah, not much change from him though. Haha, just that he is still single.
oh no, calling all ladies to attack!
*sorry girls, there are no girl pictures to compare, only group photos*

my look of the night. 
it was so hot! yes, very hot, that everybody is sweating and all that. 
after the night, we all went to the newly open drive through McDonald and have a second round on food or drinks. 
after eating ice cream, i went back home.

our class Pra U2 Omega. 
the economics and business class of Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid, 
the class with the noisiest group
the most group of students

highlights for this week:
tonight, i'm going for a year end gathering of my Scout's club
seeing that i'm vice president, i have been unactive in the club and letting the president do all the job. 
i feel bad
and about nuffnang career event that i was called to, 
i am sad to say i couldn't go due to my parent's constraint and it was a school day after all. 




  1. you look gorgeous in the pink dress!

  2. Wow!! Congrats!! Nice pics!!
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  4. I instantly was searching for the chicken in the food picture LOL I think you look a lot younger than last year~! haha
    And it looks so crowded there :o you're so brave to sing because I would be so embarassed singing in front of my class haha xD
    The guys you took photos with look reaaaly kind, It's awesome how Chun wei lost a lot fo weight in that one year :o
    And I think I'm as tall as the girl everyone is making fun of because of her height T^T sad life haha-


  5. Hi Pretty! ;) Wow, you're on stage! That's great! ;) It must be a big party - lot of people ;)

    Kisses and hugs,
    Marentora :) - new blogpost;) enjoy ;)

  6. Hello hun, lovely style and lovely blog. :) Love your blog design. :)

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