Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sector Focused Career Fair by TalentCorp Malaysia

I'm sure every student who will soon graduate will be interested in this career fair held by TalentCorp Malaysia to optimise Malaysia talent. There are more than 12 booths of companies over there and i have a great day looking at the booths and taking brochures . 

Before going in, we have to register at the counter there stating which univeristy you are studying in now and your contact details. You will get this sticker to stick on yourself. ( :

i was there early at around 9.30 even though the event highlights were around 10 in the morning. I woke up at 6 in the morning just to get to Penang from Alor Setar, and it was really worth it because there are so much information over there. 
The first thing to do was to enter this quiz where you see if you can beat others in answering about your general knowledge on social sciences, companies, Talentcorp's vision and so on. They gave you two attempts to try and after the test, you can do the survey about this event. ( :

Then there's a booth to get your freebies! a recycle bag with some informative brochures about graduate programs,employer's profile, and so on. All you have to do is log in to your facebook account and click "like" on Sector Focused Career Fair facebook page.
Here's the link, you can LIKE it here too ( :

Me with the recycle bag. 
Ready for work? yup, in another four years time i guess, i'm still currently in my form six, but this career fair open up my eyes to be wise on what to choose for my university course, because whatever course you choose may affect your career prospects later.
guide for all University student's on how to apply their jobs, how to dress for interviews, etc. 

 Tadaa! with the poster . 
the activity highlights for this career fair was walk in interview (which is great because you don't have to worry about going out for interview), sparc talk, couch talk and career talk. 
I guess many would like to know wat is Sparc Talk. 
they invited three speakers from the health science industry to have a forum and students from all over Malaysia (mostly the northern region) were there. Those from UUM, Pendang, UKM students, even from UPM too, UPSI, UiTM Perlis and students from USM, Kelantan too! 

Waiting for the three speakers. 
The three speakers will be
  • Zanariah Ahmad, Human Resources Department Director, at Prince Court Medical Centre.
  • Akmal Arief Mohd Fauzi, Chief Operating Officer,Institut Jantung Negara

  • Dr Mohamad Nasir Zahari, Medical Director,Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre 

  • Three of the speakers show us that you don't have to get a degree in Medic just to be inside the health care industry. Puan Zanariah has been dealing with the human resource management for over 15 years. En. Akmal is majoring in Accountancy while Dr Mohamad has branch out from cosmetic surgery to starting his own business. 
    Inspiring ain't it?

    the crowd listening to the SPARC talk. ( :

    and here are all the miscellaneous photos i taken at the career fair. 

    haha this booth caught my eye, but unfortunately it was close when i was there. Hire me! hire me!! 

    I like this booth too, i didn't know there are prospects of having a job here, but after going to this fair, i realized that even non-profit organizations are worth applying for a job. 

    after the talk, i took a photo with En Akmal

     and in case you miss out some of the companies, these are the list of participating companies. 
    so Sector Focused Career Fair by TalentCorp Malaysia aims to educate the public about the career prospects and helping them make the right choice for their career paths.
    This career Fair will be held in most of the universities around Malaysia. Previously as i viewed, it was held at University Malaya, and now it's going to University of Pahang. So university students should go and attend it! it's a really great eye opener event. 

    Disclaimer~This is a sponsored post . Any of my opinions regarding of this event is honest~



    1. A sponsored post? :O Do they pay you to write about this event? Anyways, I think it's really interesting to got to such an event hehe There's something similiar here in Germany too and it's really nice to got there too~ :D

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    4. sponsored post eh?...nice!! keep it up!!

    5. haha u should dropped ur resume to them! =p

    6. I went too, but on Sunday. Topshop booth also closed. :/

    7. Career fair has always been excited me. I have had about 5 career fairs went on in my Uni and the older I am the more I know how harsh it is in career world. Which uni are you heading at btw? Ahh I miss that time when I still choose which uni, and now I'm more than halfway in leaving my uni :")

    8. Haha! I know :)) so which uni are you aiming? Have you decided on it?
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