Saturday, October 5, 2013

Chicnova Skirt

I'm loving this flare skirt by Chicnova Fashion Online Store
which is a shopping haven for girl's like my age. 
I really like how they sell trendiest clothes and it suits my age too

this was the atcual skirt that i had chosen. 

of course the model wears it best! it's so nice on her. 
i was deciding between this colour with 
this lighter shade colour, but it differs in length. 
this was much longer and i got a bit worried that it would be long for me (seeing that i'm short) but no, it just appropriate in length.

another blogger fashion show about this skirt! she looks so pretty ( :

suits the length !

this was my second choice, but then, it ran out of stock after i spent too much time oggling at beautiful clothes at

this was my third choice. Denim are in trend now, and so is sweater too. 

i wore this skirt for my scout's gathering. me with the babes. 

one final picture with my friends acting and posing at Pizza hut
will update about my scout's gathering next time

do feel free to check out to buy great clothing items for your wardrobe. i seriously can't resist myself from shopping 



  1. You look so pretty, the skirt is an excellent choice. Have a wonderful weekend doll!

  2. Aww, the skirt looks really cute on you :3 I love the shoes you're wearing ;w; They're really adorable and cute hehe~

  3. Hello ^^ I love skirts! Been buying them one by one (never own any casual one before) but my leg is short and my torso is like longer so I prefer high-waist things and mini skirts but my parents don't like me wearing that T.T
    How do you buy clothes online? Using visa and such? I don't have cc but I'm in love in choies' clothes like you wrote before DX sobs

    Reply : Yeah! ;__; bad experience. Ikr! Pooping in the woods is like very unimaginable XD I miss mostly it's my parents, I haven't seen them in months~!

  4. what a great skirt, very cute! you look flawless! love how you paired it with that black lace top.

  5. you look so cute! love the skirt <3

  6. What a pretty skirt <3
    You have such a pretty style :)
    ahh, I see you have a new header and it looks cute =)

  7. You look amazing! I love your style! The photos are magical!

    Katherine Unique

  8. Loving your blue denim skirt, so cute and looks so girly <3

  9. skirt is very nice!
    you look great!:)
    do you want to follow each other? let me know!:)

  10. Hi sweety, I am already following you with gfc :)

  11. nice skirt! it looks so lovely on you! you look amazing :D


  12. Lovely look!

    xx Mounia

  13. Your blog is really nice :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  14. you look really good with it! :) Really love the color and fabric! :)

  15. The skirt is very nice, you look great on it. :D

  16. Thank you very much for comment! Follow me if you like you too!


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