Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skin79 CC cream

Hello guys, sorry for the late blog post due to my hectic study days. (STPM in another 14 days). 
today i'm going to review about this wonderful CC cream from Skin79. Thanks to Hishop Malaysia for giving me this to review about it as a beauty ambassador.  Check out the product here! (click the link!)
                           for only RM 84.15 after 15% discount off! 
                                   (original price Rm99.90)

here is what i had received . (sorry for the bad quality of photo, that time i'm busy preparing for my STPM trial exam)
I love how Hishop sent their products in this lovely big box (even though the product only stands half of it)
But before i try it out, let me explain what CC cream is about. 
  1. CC Cream is known as Color Control or Color Correcting cream, i will be reviewing  Skin79 colour control cream instead. 
  2.      CC Cream has everything a BB Cream has, which is as a moisturizer, sun protection, serum and covering all those imperfections. Whereas CC cream added nourishing ingredients whilst reducing the appearance of skin redness or shallowness.
  3.       CC Cream is reputed to include sun protection, along with better skincare properties
  4.       CC cream has a lighter texture as compare to BB cream, which is great for me, because i do tend to get greasy in the face sometimes. 
  5.       CC cream can help in discoloration in another 6-8 weeks. 

okay, here's a brief description about this Skin79 CC cream. 
  • Gives dark and dull skin brightening and clear complexion. (which is good for me, because i have become darker and darker each day due to walking to school (from car park to my classroom) and had expose my skin to the sun for quite a long time. 
  • make your skin glow healthily, giving it a brightening-up effect (which is also good for me, because i have been studying till late at night,making my skin so dull and lacklustre)
  • smoothly maintains rough and uneven skin texture (which is also good for me too! because of all my pimple scars and sensitive forehead, i have an uneven skin texture)

Direction: On the last step of skin care, apply proper amount smoothly on the face. It can be used as makeup base or mixing with BB Cream one to on ratio.
ready? okay, here goes. 
 Me without make up (well, except that i stick my double eye lid glue on my eyes, because i can't bare my naked face) and no editing to show the authentic skin of mine. okay, i try to pick a few flaws from my skin. But let me tell you what my skin problem is (even though i do find it hard to see it through this picture)
My forehead is a nightmare. i have  pimple scars around my forehead and sometimes get breakout and my nose is a nightmare too. I have dark eye circle and my skin looks really really dull. what is worst, that the side of my face is lighter than my front face. NO kidding, i think it's because i let my hair down and it covers that part of my face, so the rest of my face had a full sun burn. Sheesh, plus My T-zone is an "oil-zone", and my chin has scars too. 
so i'm finding some foundation plus sun protection cream that are won't make your skin oily and make your skin glow healthily. 

Front full view~
my dark skin T..T

how to apply ? first press an amount on the back of your hand, (erm, mine is a bit too less seeing i'm so stingy. haha, i recomend to press as much as you can to cover the whole face) then swipe it with your CLEAN finger and dab it with dots all over you face. 

Nah, me with dots. Haha, don't forget the area beneath your eyes, because that's the darkest part of your face (seeing that you have dark circles of course). after applying , repeat the second step on area that you didn't cover properly . 

after that you will get a full coverage of the CC cream. woo! My skin seem so bright now. 
okay, let's compare compare with before and after
Tadaa! Left ( my rough skin on my forehead and a few pimple scar on my nose and chin, my skin seem darker too) 
Right ( Brighter and skin seem smoother and shinier  too!)
Plus, i don't feel my skin getting oily that fast too after applying it. I can use it as a daily basis too, seeing that it's so easy to apply. 
in the process, and after process. 

and here's the wonderful box from Hishop ( :
(spot the dark spot on my chin? that was before)
okay, here's the after shot of me with the Hishop box again. haha

after shot! full coverage
wait, before you even close down this window, there are a few things you should know too!
there are products around where the price for Skin79 CC cream is cheaper. Please note that some are not authentic!
This CC Cream also comes with a Unique 16-Digit Verification Code to check authenticity. Each product comes with a scratch code.
Step one: Enter the 16 digit code in this link

Step 2:  click ‘Check’. If the product is original, it will state ‘Verification Pass’.
if it is invalid! do Contact (only products purchased from
And now, special for my readers, you get a RM20 discount code for a minimum spent on Rm100 product!just key in the discount code H520 


  1. really looks better after applying!

  2. OOOOO! That CC cream really matched with you! I didn't know they came out with a CC cream so now I would have to go search more on it! Great review! :)

  3. lol are you serious? I don't see how is that considered a 'nightmare'. Your skin is good!

  4. Thank You for lovely comment :) You don't need any special cream - Your skin is pretty without this :)

  5. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it ❤ Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, Anna ♥

  6. My first BB cream was from Skin79 but I use Hanskin now. I need to check out this CC cream. It looks like a great match for you :) Thanks for the intro!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  7. Nice ;)

  8. you look so pale and brightened after application ; o ; But I think your face already looks really nice bare!! I would die to have your bare face QwQ If you'd see me bare face you would think I'm one of these creepy asian little girls in horror movies lol xD But thanks for this review, Ann Tan! I like reading all of your posts c:

  9. Omgg your skin looks amazing even without the CC cream!
    With CC cream on your skin looks soo flawless! SO lucky~~


  10. CCcream is good! Kisses.

  11. I got some BB and CC cream at the Lucky FABB conference attended this week, can't wait to try it! AndI LOVE ANTM too!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  12. Hey! Nice review you git here! Sounds awesome I might get this on my next haul. I'm using TheFaceShop Aura Color Control Cream and so far it's working greatly. But I do want to try other CC cream, too!
    Anyway, thanks for sharing and good luck in your trial!

    if you have time, do drop by and say hello at my blog.

    BTW, followed ya'!
    xx, Mira

  13. YOur skin is nowhere as bad as mine.

  14. You have beautiful skin, girl!

  15. Hi dear! Thank you for comment<3 I'm glad that you visited my blog!

    I heard that asian cosmetics are cool! I hope that I'll buy something in future :)


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