Friday, September 27, 2013

Choies bleach washed shorts

I bet bloggers and readers out there would have know Choies
it's a great fashion online store that offers a wide variety of clothes including men's too. i have a great day choosing clothes that i like and thanks Choies for giving me them. Well, my first parcel arrived on my birthday! 

So this is the shorts i receive, soon i will have my crop sweater in another week *excited*
So how did i celebrate my birthday? well it was a boring and long day but i would like to thanks my friends for all those wishes and those presents too! 
I'm finally 19, which makes me feel that i can't afford to get older any more.

this is what i wore to my birthday dinner with my mum and dad. i think i should start smiling in all pictures because i really think smiling makes you look pretty no matter what. and of course, i'm loving this Choies washed out denim shorts. it fits me and thank goodness i have chosen the right size. 

we decided to go to Pizza Hut only seeing that there's really nowhere for us to go in this remote state of Malaysia. 

this place is so quietly ever since there was another branch opening at the town area.

anyway i just receive a call from Nuffnang! no doubt it was a real big shock to me because i have never landed anything big before nor been selected to go to any event. 

seeing that it is so remotely quiet, taking pictures is so much easier then. 

my exam is coming soon and tomorrow is our Pre-University night which was a total let down when it is held in school instead of a hotel like last year. 
well, seeing that our teacher adviser  had changed to this conservative, racist guy, he said last year performance on Gangnam dance was nothing but obscenity! 
hello sir, if this music video is shown to the whole world, and a 10 year old korean boy was inside dancing , how can you say that it is not appropriate? to my account Gangnam Dance look more like a workout to keep fit, maybe you should try it yourself. 
thank you

my 'make up' for that day. okay, i just stick my usual double eye lid sticker and put on some orange lip tint, and that's all. 
a few people ask me why my eyes look so big when they view my pictures when in reality, ya, i'm a small monolid eye girl. 
first it's the double eye lid sticker that make my eye become bigger, 
and then i have kinda huge black pupils so i have not bother wearing contact lenses. 

my messy hair with the messy curl. 

a round up the wonderful Bleach washed Choies Shorts ( :

this is the original piece from

and now i'm waiting for my next piece

and here is what i get on my birthday ( :



  1. Hi Ann happy birthday!!
    So sorry I'm very late bcs I wasn't blogging properly when it was my semester break! Love your pics and you're so pretty <3 Have another great year :) kisses xx.

    Love Elmoooo so much :3

  2. you look cute <3

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  3. omg you got minions for your birthday *w*
    I like the shorts, they suit you a lot! :D Being sponsored by a fashion company must be awesome :D

  4. Cute! Great post ;)

    Love from Amsterdam!

  5. You look so pretty! <3
    Like the shorts :)
    Just love your smile!

  6. well, now only know this online brand, never heard before last time~ >.<

  7. Those shorts look fab on you! Happy birthday :)


  8. I love this outfit! I never wear high waist shorts but the laced shirt and high waist denim shorts combination looks really gorgeous on you :)

  9. You're so cute!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

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     - Hannah's Heels

  10. You look fantastically chic! Great outfit hun. Hope you're having a great unwinding weekend!

  11. Thanks for your lovely comment, dear! Happy late birthday, I'm celebrating mine today, too :)
    Kisses <3

  12. happy belated birthday! i like ur shorts but i'm afraid if i pick the wrong size. :/

  13. such a lovely look <333 love your blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  14. This outfit is cute! Happy belated birthday and congratulations on the nuffnang opportunity! :D

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    Cassandra | Backtofive

  15. Hi Ann, fantastic outfit!! and you're looking so lovely, wow and you're hair is so beautiful
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    greetings from Holland

  16. You look amazing! I love your style! The photos are magical!

    Katherine Unique

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