Thursday, September 12, 2013

E-Fox city Jewelry

Check out my studded neck piece from Efox City , Seeing that i wanted to change from girly to a bit edgy, so i pick this as my choice. 
Below is the original picture

my quite messy hair (ya, looks like a broom) 

so okay, i have been dealing with utterly great boredness in my whole lief at school. Not to mention all we do at school is to sit, play cards, look at one another and smile and yawn and then eat. yes, when we have nothing to do, the only thing we go for is EAT!
and yes, i'm a food provider to all my friends too. Whenever they see me with big tupperwares, they will ask what's inside it with great hungry looks, and yes, my mum LOVES to feed my friends. ==''

and oh ya! i finally get to go Gurney Paragon! that place is ahmazing! i can't wait for Debenhams to open there, plus of course, the one and only stop i love to go is H&M. But it is quite small as compare to the one at Lot 10, KL. The one at KL has about five floors ranging to all sorts of clothes you can name it! the one here at Penang has a split level, but that's all, but i shall not complain as this is as far as i can go towards shopping at H&M. i spend about one hour there (still gonna shop more but poor mum have to wait for me outside)
so i bought two crop top. i only get to wear one out yet, and it's very disapointing that i couldn't wear any crop top out from my house as my dad is very strict on it. *sigh*
so i just test it at home

crop top from H&M and Ripped Jeans from Bugis Street (how i miss that place)

my hair is getting longer and longer now, (not as compare to the one in the pic above) i hope when it comes to a length,the curls will just fall INTO place, and not become a dry broomhead again. 

and here's one last FUNNy picture i have of myself! it's soo fake right? i want to try out the apps on my mobile phone photo editor and this turns out to be like that, fake curly hair, darken the colour of my eyebrows and put fake eyelashes. 

and anyway, one month to my final exam and i'm FREE (not free, i do hope i am not sent far away to work temporary)
week planning: going to a bbq farewell party for my old classmate and now current school mate. 



  1. hhaha glad u came penang. btw, h&m in lot 10 is 3 floors le

  2. hello darling, great style , great blog
    would u like to follow each other on gfc and facebook/?

  3. Nice necklace!! You are really beautiful with that fake hairstyle! You have to think about it!!
    We follow back! What about facebook and bloglovin?
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  4. Hey, thanks for your following! That's really nice. But I'm not a big fan of following each other. Sorry!
    Best wishes

  5. love the necklace & your style!


  6. haha good luck on growing your hair out! :D
    I love the nacklace you're wearing but it's such a shame your father doesn't let you wear crop tops in public :0
    The photoshopped selca looks funny haha Are you planning to dye your hair that color too? I think you look like a plastic doll on that pic :D

    -Mindy ♡

  7. thanks for your lovely comment babe :**
    I've already followed U.


  8. You did great, that necklace is edgy and great! I like your hair, love the weaves :) !
    Kisses and have a great weekend dear! God bless :)
    hope you like my latest post :)

  9. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by, followed too. I think your hair looks great! Lovely necklace. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  10. The necklace looks very sassy and edgy!
    It looks great on you, and you have the most amazing body~ :o
    Good luck for your final exam hehee :P


  11. Absolutely love that necklace! Been trying to look for one! And thanks for stopping by my blog!
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  12. aww are you a penang blogger? :) can meet up next time lolll

  13. the necklace is so pretty! It gives an instant chic look. :) By the way, I am inviting you to join my Ahaishopping giveaway. You better head on to my blog now because there are only few days left to send in your entry. You’ll have a chance to win 2 pieces of clothing. You might want to try your luck. PS. I followed you via GFC. :)

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  14. hello dear!) I am your new follower!) Hope you will do the same, it would be great!^^

    Have a good day!)

  15. aww your really pretty!!
    don't worry about not being able to wear crop tops out of the house! Both my parents are very strict so I'm not allowed to wear stuff like that either :(
    check out my blog maybe please?


  16. Thanks you so much for your kind words on my blog! :) I'd like to follow each other ;) Great idea! :) And I following you with GFC and bloglovin' ;) I'm waiting for your turn ;) Really nice post! You have fantastic waist! :)

    Kisses and hugs,
    Marentora :)

  17. Try to match crop top with high waist shorts, I think you dad will not feel that it will not look too expose. :)

  18. i wish to go gurney paragon too! But it must be after the exam!
    Haha. U are too cute.The last pic is very funny XD


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