Friday, September 20, 2013

My Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival

it was my first time ever celebrationg mid-autumn mooncake festival in my whole 10 years. This event was organize by our class monitor and it was the biggest gathering ever i had been to, seeing that it will also be held in my house, i'm pretty nervous about it. 
we at first plan to go to Habit Art, but later did we know that we have 21 of us so we change venue to spring leaf to cater for our dinner. Not to mention the bill for 21 of us is AHMAZING. haha

Me with Dan ( :
hee, that time my eyes still look big, because of the double eye lid sticker, but they were saying how weird i look like and because i didn't stick it properly. gaha~ 
Dan was so nervous too, it was his first time meeting my parents, so he bought two mooncake for my mum. I stress on Baker's Cottage because my mum only eats that, and i ask him to wear white cuz i think white suits him. 
he personally went to give the paper bag to my mum and i nearly laugh when he stood there awkwardly waiting to help. XD
awwh you sweet donkey. haha

me with the tall tall girl, Shi Yun. ( :

the two bloke from my class, Gdragon and P. Ramlee
nah, just kidding, those waren't their real name. haha

me with Han Nee and Wendy~

oops the school 'policemen'. haha me with NCS (our school vice head prefect) and Song (our class monitor) ( :

we were really late to reach my house, but all is well, except that our tummy is so full we couldn't finish whatever my mum has prepared. she even baked two cake! without knowing that hey! we can even celebrate Chun Wei's birthday since his birthday is only one day after my birthday! it was the loudest birthday song i ever heard! and ya, thanks for blowing off my candle chun wei ==''!

both choose a cake to cut! my mum made both of the cake! left is banana cake and right is longan cake!

the small delicacies in my house. 
and we have lanterns! yes! you can't pass Mooncake festival without lanterns and well, obviously, mooncakes!
we have a hard time finding twigs and sticks to secure the lantern with, and not to mention the candle is so fragile. 

with the convent girls, i don't like the quality of my camera that night. i used the wrong camera (V1) becuz my P510 is out of battery so i couldn't take and use it though~
not much of an ootd huh?

tadaa! the lantern!! seem nice when it is light up ain't it?

and yeah, we decided to hang lanterns over a nearby tree (without knowing that the tree belongs to the neighbor who happen to be a policeman) haha

our group shot. i like the lantern!

but this is by far my favorite, because it's so dim. (too bad i wasn't in that shot)

yeah, it was so hot, Dan decided to cool it down in his car with the others, and without calling me to join =..=

then we took a stroll around the neighborhood. wishing passerby a very happy mooncake festival. it was coincidence that there was a tuition nearby and there were lots of cars there so we wishes those cars whom happen to have their window wind down a happy mooncake festival. 

i like this shot too, so sweet but it wasn't me and him. haha

then we went back home to try to gobble down some more food. 

people around my porch. After that we went inside to play a game of Killers where we kill each other by winking . gradually more and more people went back home and it ended around 11.30pm. 

one final shot of all 21 of us together with my parents. 
it was really a great night for me. 
so how was your mid autumn mooncake festival?



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  3. Looks like a fun event, it's always good to be able to meet up with ex-classmates :)

  4. that is what i call a true fashionista's style , you look Fab !!

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  5. This is fabulous!!!
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  6. wow, I didn't know about the mooncake festival since we don't celebrate it here but I love the laterns you all were holding ! *-*
    They looks really beautiful and nice at night. I wish there would be a similiar festival here too~
    Dan seems like a really nice but awkward person haha XD Is he your boyfriend? It seems like that heheh :D

    Mindy~ ♡

  7. omg your top with lace is amazing! x

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  10. That looks awesome, like a nice day together with friends and family. Nice pics :)

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  13. omg! you are so cuuuute and adorable! and so are your friends! What a great party. It seems you had a a lot of fun. Love the lanterns, what a cute and sweet activity. Those cakes, let me tell you, they look tasty :) !!! I love sweets a lot, you can't imagine hehehe
    Great and sweet post dear !
    PS- I was absent, so didn't check any blog. So glad to be back and see your amazing look !
    Hope you enjoy my recent post :)

  14. Aww! Your mum is so lovely.The cake look very delicious <3
    My friends did celebrate for the festival too.But i'm sick so i didn't join them.
    My friends told me it was very nice and romantic with all the tang lung and lights.
    Now i believe it after i read your blog! Seem like everyone is very enjoy and u make it interesting! =DD


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