Friday, July 19, 2013


Have you guys check out EFox city? i bet bloggers out there would have know what is EFOX city!click the link below to know more!

efox city is a wholesale clothing online store which offers a variation of MEN! WOMEN! Jewelry and even clothes for special occassion and WEDDING DRESS!! can you imagine a wedding dress as gorgeous as this (below)

CHEAP BRIDAL GOWNS with the price slash down (Is ON SALE!) from $1087 (USD) to $179.89! i love the lace detail around the neckline!


BUY COCKTAIL DRESS and yeah! i would definetly wear this to out!!! even though it is for cocktail occassion, this seem like a fun evening dress!
short cocktail dresses are the flirtatious dresses ever!

Bridesmaid Dresses Styles and yes! for bridesmaid wear, just want to tone down a little bit (you can't be too over attractive than the bride right? a simple white sleek dress is a way to go!)
selling at $90.10

so what do you think about efox city?
is it a shopping paradise online store for blogger readers out there?
they have all the details for you through sizes , measurement, even the detail about the neckline and fabric used and sleeve styles!

so go now! click to now!!



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