Friday, July 19, 2013

STPM semester 2 result and my minions!

one word to my result ~ A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!
no, not to offence other people who get lower result than me, but if you compare my this semester result with my previous one, you would have think 
"What happen to you!? did your brain run away?"
or even if you think like my mum
"Having a boyfriend destroy your result!"
i didn't find out the result myself, my dad sneakily went to text the 15888 to get my result,and BOOM! he can't believe his eyes either. 
you know i don't mind getting C+ for my business subject (because it was bitterly hard and expected to flunk all of us) instead it was the general paper that flunk MOST of us. 
Yes, there's only 4 human being out of 150+ students in my form six that get A for general paper. 
and yet, out of the four, i'm not in there, it was a total disappointment to my dad, because seeing HE himself was the teacher for that paper.

yes, this was last year result, perfect A flat, and then BOOM C+ it went. 
grrrrr! i try to convince myself that i am not the only one, 
that yes, the result for general paper had also affect the whole Malaysia. 
and surprisingly, i don't know what is wrong with my economics, seeing that i answered it like there was no tomorrow. 

yes, a lot of emo status in my facebook and all that, 
i was pretty much contented after 24 hours, but then my mum started comparing and it makes matter worst, those days seem long, i felt damn useless. their expectations are high, people are contented with result with a pointer of 3.0 and yet here i am, 
not being happy at all with a 3.33

you guys never understand, 
from 3A's Upsr, to 6A's PMR , to 9A's SPM, and to 3.75 STPM sem 1, and now BOOM, 3.33..-______-
no wonder my parents are soo disappointed in me.
) :
okay, so maybe this picture will cheer me up ^^
i tied this evil minion with my ribbon, mwahaha!

well no kidding, just yesterday (thursday) i went as early as 6.45a.m in the morning (before school) to the ONLY early mcdonald outlet at lonely Alor Star and yes, i was the third batch to get in the line (third batch as in after two families) and i look back at the line and gasp..
just 7 in the morning, and this is it, people at all ages, kids, school children, school teenagers, even my piano accompany teacher is there, and we (four of us, plus Dan) bought 16 sets of happy meal back to school

minions reuntied! i got the Stuart Blabber Grabber while i force Dan to take the Stuart light Grabber. 
yes, we were late to school, saw the discipline teacher and gulp down a feel saliva before wondering what to say to him, then he saw us holding SIXTEEN HAPPY MEAL, (four adult, holding 16 happy meal -_______-)
and then say no more NEXT TIME and said "enjoy your meal"
that's epic.

well of course there are speculation saying people that line up for four hours just to get a stupid plastic toy,
i just want to say, people have their own obsession , and it is not wrong to deprive them from buying what they want. 
of course, it's your mouth too, you can say whatever you wanna say, and here i am, i can say whatever i want to say too!
if mcdonald are selling something that you somewhat like, like per se, Hello Kitty or even otaku stuff, i bet you will be queuing up for it too! it's just because those MINIONS are not your likable toys, so you don't need to be soooo harsh on us!
and please! don't say that we bought dozens of them and leave the poor children crying because it was out of stock..

THERE ARE MOTHERS, FATHERS AND GENTLEMEN (those buying just to eat happy meal and giving the toys to kids, or buying for their nephews and neices) that are lining up there for two or four hours, and you're saying them too?!

well , well, my blog for today~ guess no vain pictures of me today..



  1. You know, on my previous 4 semesters I started with a C. Though each semester I have different classes and all of it are hard, the C never lets me down but it becomes the motivation for me to do even better. So cheer up and do your best next sem! It's all normal; even I defend myself when whole class got C last sem and I got D, in an unexpectedly difficult class.


  2. cheer up! I only have tom :( huhuhu. wanted to have more minions though! haha :))


  3. Haven't got a minion :( Hope I'll get one very very soon !


  4. Awwh stop dwellling on it, just work extra hard next time la! Just keep reminding your parents how everyone didn't do that great on that paper! :P

  5. omg you've good results! my sister currently in sem2 and she failed her PA

  6. Hi, I think better you hide your IC number.. Not a good practice to leave this number in the internet.


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