Tuesday, July 9, 2013

it's a one year once dinner!

hello! i'm back from blogging about my anniversary dinner. 
truth to be told, i had NEVER cross this date before, NEVER. so it was my first time looking around for posh restaurants to go to, but we in the end wanted to try this MASTER CUISINE, which i don't find it any posh after being there .
the menu is quite limited by the way, and we ended up eating steamboat.
seeing that our date are almost the same as my lovely classmate's anniversary date too, we decided to celebrate it together ^^
the more the merrier right?
and after all, my friend's bf which is also my friend (that sounds weird) is Dan's cousin brother too. 
yup, this was pretty much we FOUR eat, because there was NOTHING else better to eat. 
and by the way (it's a portion for two) HAHA, how i remorse over not listening to suggestion of going to New Reagent Hotel eat instead!
but seeing we had already make our plan long before we can cross this date, we just proceed. 
the food was pretty not bad, but because it's sour and spicy, i ended up giving up eating after ten minutes. 
i wasn't expecting anything at all! Since Dan had told me that the ring he gave is our anniversary gift. but then i expected at least some letter or what for acknowledgement, and it turn out i did have MORE than that. 
yup, a box with a necklace of a letter "D" as a pendant!
i love surprises, and this was never in my mind!!
awwwh!!! thanksss!!

 and yah, i prefer you guys not to look at my HORRIBLE face, this was the only picture with me and the necklace (on the neck! please look at it! don't stare at my face! nah-uh!)

and this is what i wear. 
okay, so here goes, my secret for why i can never seem to run out of clothes. (i still feel like i have never enough clothes to wear though.)
the truth is, all those clothes and pretty dresses are MOSTLY from my sister. 
there! my secret leak out!
haha for all those compliments (not being a show-off here, just wanna give some credits to my sister) those compliments are for my sister for having GOOD taste in choosing clothes!
and well, somehow most of the clothes couldn't fit her so tadaah! eventually those clothes will go to me and i'll be ever soo grateful to have it!

and just as we ate finish and we girls, as usual waited on the top floor waiting for the boys to pay the bill. (they went down and we assume that they  pay the bills) 
and then we girls sat around playing our phone and then complaining what took them sooo long. 
then suddenly out came this lovely cake out of nowhere!!
it was a cake for us!!!
but the weird thing is , they wrote the cake as if i'm in love with my friend instead!

but okay, we just closes one eyes and make our own individual wishes. 

it was a well spend night though, because after that, a group of my old friends (plus my old classmates) came for a gathering after the movies. 
we went to a vip look room and had fun mocking at each other. 
we took a group photo and left
(too bad i look extremely fat over there to even show it here)

thanks for the night Dan



  1. Your dress is so beautiful and the cake looks so cute and tasty!! ^^
    And happy anniversary of course!! :)

  2. Congrats dear...this was a nice post you look lovely..I wish i could see the ring :)

  3. lovely dress <3


    Sweet and sugars,

  4. You look so pretty <3
    Happy anniversary ;)



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